How to buy a property in Turkey

Here are some important points to know before buying a property in Turkey

How to buy a property in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Investors from different parts of the world constantly look for new and suitable places for investment. Each region is distinguished from others in that it is more prepared for the flourishing of a type of investment than others. Still, despite this, there are strategic areas that can form a suitable embrace. For the prosperity of multiple types of investment, of course, it is considered the preferred place by investors. Recently, Turkey has become one of the most preferred places by foreign investors. Because it has a set of components and factors necessary for investment from the economy, tourism, and trade to real estate in Turkey. The reasons for buying a property in Turkey vary between the desire to enter the real estate investment sector in Turkey and the search for a place to settle and reside. In both cases, the steps for buying a property in Turkey differ according to the reasons for buying.

And before buying a property in Turkey, it is necessary to define a set of goals:


Property location:

With the diversity of reasons for buying real estate in Turkey, there are various options, each of which commensurates with the reason, and choosing a city that achieves your goals of buying a property is very important; for example, if you want to invest in real estate in Turkey, it will be better for you to choose a significant city. This is vital because of the availability of more excellent opportunities and various options and the fact that significant cities contain facilities that serve various forms of investment. Furthermore, it is known that investments support some of them, and therefore you will have many incentives to invest in the property that you have purchased. But suppose you are looking for a place to settle. In that case, many prefer quieter and less crowded areas, so they move away from the main cities and choose smaller cities or go to the suburbs of quiet significant cities from the obligation to enjoy the services available in significant cities.


Setting priorities in choosing the property:

If you have specified what you want and are looking for from buying an apartment in Turkey, you have already started this search journey. Then you have found a suitable apartment for you and want to buy it; then, before purchasing this apartment, you must confirm all the specifications related to this apartment. Before any step, you must be aware that residential real estate in Turkey cannot be used for commercial purposes, as is the case for commercial real estate in Turkey, as it is not suitable for housing and is not allowed to be used except for commercial purposes. Otherwise, you will run into problems. In the future, you may lose your money without getting what you are looking for because you ignored this essential point in the real estate market in Turkey and the real estate investment sector in Turkey.


Steps to buying a property in Turkey:

Check the real estate papers:

You must ensure that the property is free from any legal circumstances, done through the Tabu office to which the address of the property belongs. The examination includes denying the existence of any debts, loans, or mortgage indication on the property. As a foreign investor, you will have to submit all your translated papers to They are examined by the military authority, that is, the army, and ensure that the property is far from any military zone in Turkey. You can authorize a trusted lawyer to complete this task and follow up on the transaction documents. Then the lawyer will work on organizing the sale contract. The sales contract must contain all the details and conditions for owning the property. These conditions are regulated by agreement between the parties to the contract, the seller and the buyer.


Signing the contract:

After completing the full contract details and conditions and agreeing to them by all parties, the contract is signed, and the buyer must present himself to sign. If he cannot attend, another person can act on his behalf, provided that an official agency authorizes this person. It must be done. The attestation of this agency with the notary or notary in the buyer's country of residence outside Turkey also requires certification from the Turkish embassy in the buyer's country.


Extracting a tax number:

The tax number in Turkey is essential for every foreign person, and the number can be obtained by going to any tax department in Turkey. There are branches for it in various cities and regions. The tax number is given to every foreign person entering Turkish territory to facilitate the procedure and completion of transactions. The official paperwork and obtaining it is easy. It does not take more than thirty minutes.


Opening a bank account:

A bank account must be opened in one of the banks located within Turkey, and the purpose of that is to transfer the funds needed to buy the property in Turkey from the original buyer's country to the bank in Turkey.



After completing all the steps, the old owner of the property assigns the ownership of the property to the buyer or the new owner, and of course, this is done within the title deed office for which the title of the property is affiliated and the property ownership contract or the so-called title deed is not delivered to the new owner until after the construction of the property is completed, and he has paid The total amount owed by him then the seller will deliver the house to the buyer himself or his representative by the official agency in case he is unable to attend


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