Before buying a property in Turkey

Here are some important advice before buying a property in Turkey

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Last update 25-12-2022
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Due to the growth in real estate in Turkey, especially after the issuance of the Foreign Ownership Law in Turkey No. 6302 on 05/03/2012, Turkey has become a primary destination for Arab investors and owners. As a result, Istanbul has become the most prominent Turkish city in the real estate sector, followed by other cities such as Antalya, Bursa, and Yelwa to Other.
With the increase in the number of foreigners who own in Turkey, especially the Arabs, many fraud cases have occurred to foreign investors, who fell victim to fraud during the purchase. Many people were oblivious to these risks and bought them in some way or another.

Tips before buying:

Dealing with trusted parties

It would help if you dealt with well-known real estate selling companies in Turkey, and the opinion of people who have previously dealt with them must be considered. Contacting the company and inquiring smartly about all matters related to the real estate purchase process is better.


Thinking about a profitable business style

The person must think practically to ensure that he benefits from the apartment to be purchased. For example, buying apartments in a tourist country like Turkey often exceeds housing limits, so it is better and more profitable for the buyer to buy commercial and tourist apartments to operate them to become a source of money.


Get legal support

Many things can go wrong if you do not deal with a trusted real estate agent, and the other thing you can do is enlist the support of an independent attorney. The real estate agent acts on behalf of the seller and your behalf, so although they can enter into contracts themselves, it is best to obtain this additional protection from someone who cares about your interests.


Extracting the property price evaluation report

Extracting the real estate appraisal report has become mandatory to protect investors from price manipulation before buying a property in Turkey. The report deals with real estate information with all the details related to the property, pricing factors, and its legal, financial, and engineering affairs.


ask questions

Ask questions in your mind in front of sales clients as you put your own money into buying property in a strange country; naturally, you are ignorant of the shape of the Turkish real estate market and its laws, so do not hesitate to ask and are responsible for responding to all your inquiries.


Verify legal real estate information

Although the real estate agent has likely reviewed the "title deeds" that belong to the person selling the property, an attorney also does this as a safety measure on your behalf. They will verify the seller's information, that they fully own the property, and that no debts are owed. This must be done before any deposit is paid.


Real estate purchase on the scheme

You can save a lot of money by buying an off-plan property, but you must be careful. As some companies do not have the total funds needed to finish the building when everyone agrees to buy and invests the money in continuing the project in the real estate market where there are many new buildings, this can be very dangerous.
Some companies rely entirely on money from buyers to complete the project. Therefore, you must obtain these guarantees from the company if you choose to buy on the scheme. In addition, of course, you must know any penalties in the contract in the event of a delay in delivering the property or the company's failure to fulfill its promises.


Ensure that you get a complete purchase of the property

After clarification on the title deed (tapu), your attorney, real estate agent, and seller will draft a contract that clarifies all the terms of the sale and this should be as detailed as possible, clearly specifying when the payment is due and any penalties for any person who does not comply with the written and agreed upon contract. The first payment is by the buyer, and you must verify that the real estate agent is committed to the deposit contract and be careful not to pay too much.


See many real estates.

To make sure that you choose what suits you during your inspection tour with us, we guarantee that you will visit many properties in many locations with different price ranges to ensure that you get a property worth paying for the specified amount to buy.


Determine the location of the property

The site plays a significant role after determining the goal of purchasing the property, as its proximity to transportation, health, and educational services, or one of the city centers, is a factor in ensuring high real estate prices in the area. In the case of housing, you will make sure that you are close to schools or universities in which your children study Or near your workplace and transportation, and in the case of investment, you will have to take into account its proximity to tourist areas, city centers, and shopping centers.


Translation of the sales contract into Arabic

You have the right to obtain a translated copy into Arabic or any language you want from the sales contract, according to which you obtained the property. The contract is translated by a sworn translator and ratified at the Notary Office. A "writer of justice" is to take a legal stamp, but if it is not certified, it has no legal value.


Determine the budget

It is essential to determine the minimum and the maximum for your specific budget for the property, as prices inevitably differ depending on the property's location and its additional features in terms of space, design, etc., directly affecting your purchasing decisions.


Choose the most appropriate residential area.

Choosing a residential area is just as important as choosing a city, as the property is subject to factors that determine its value, such as proximity to the city center or location in the so-called region that is witnessing a construction revolution or, for example, in the case of Istanbul located near the new airport or even proximity to public transportation is essential. For housing, there are examples of areas currently witnessing a construction revolution, such as Basaksehir, Beylikduzu, Esenort, Basin Express, and others.

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