Advantages of buying a property in Sariyer

Advantages of buying a property in Sariyer

Advantages of buying a property in Sariyer
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Last update 22-12-2022
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Who among us does not dream of living in Turkey? And who among us does not wish to visit Istanbul and settle there?

Turkey is one of the most important investment destinations in the world thanks to the great efforts made by the Turkish government to attract capital, the most important of which is reducing real estate taxes for foreign investors and giving them the possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.

The city of Istanbul comes at the forefront of Turkish cities to buy a property in Turkey because of its great economic and tourism power, as it is considered the economic capital of Turkey, and many tourists visit it daily. Therefore, one of the most critical areas in which you can search for apartments for sale In Istanbul is Sariyer, and in the following, we will learn about the essential features of this region.


Where is the Sayyid area located within Istanbul?
Sariyer is located in the European section of Istanbul. It directly overlooks the Bosphorus, the most crucial tourist point in the entire city, which adds glamor and beauty to Sariyer, which includes the sea and the mountain in an incredibly creative scene.

As for the borders of the Sariyer region, it is bordered on the southern part by the Başiktaş region, and from the western part, it is bordered by the Sisli region. In contrast, it is bordered on the northwestern part by the Ayyub region.

The area of ​​Sariyer reaches 161 square kilometers, and its population is estimated at 289 thousand people. It is one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul and the most attractive to celebrities and business people.

Sariyer district is divided into neighborhoods, including Gümüş Deri district, Demirgekoy district, Rachid Pasha district, Istinye, Tarabya, and many more.


What about the service facilities in Sariyer?
As we have already mentioned, the Sariyer area is considered one of the most critical areas for investment in Istanbul. It is known as one of the finest and most beautiful areas, which is why the Turkish government has paid much attention to it as it forms the city’s façade work constantly being done to develop infrastructure and fix mistakes. Restoration of the deficiency, and this is evident when visiting Sariyer.

And the region is equipped with a rich and advanced transportation network that includes all forms of transportation, from buses, trams, and Metrobus to taxi and sea transportation. This network connects Sariyer with all neighborhoods in Istanbul.

Within the region, there are many centers for citizen service in addition to an essential number of public and private schools that cover all primary, preparatory and secondary stages, as well as universities and institutes, in addition to hospitals, health centers, and clinics that belong to the best doctors and are equipped with the latest types Devices for examining patients and providing assistance to them.

And not only the service centers but Sariyer is full of various entertainment centers as it is considered an important tourist area, as some restaurants and cafes offer the most delicious Turkish and Western foods, in addition to malls, parks, and parks to spend a beautiful time with the family and enjoy the picturesque nature of the region.


What are the most famous tourist places in the Sariyer area in Istanbul?
- Amir Jan Garden: When mentioning the Sariyer region, you cannot help but remember this park, as it is considered one of the most famous tourist sites in the region, as a large number of tourists and visitors visit it to take pictures with plants and flowers and enjoy watching the different colors of the tulip, on which the whole garden depends It is coordinated in different shapes that are attractive to the eye.

- Rumeli Hisar Castle: This castle is famous for being one of the most important historical and tourist areas in Sariyer, and it was built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and was used to monitor the enemies and prevent them from entering the area and still to this day preserves its beauty and splendor and receives thousands daily Visitors and tourists from all over the world.

- Kilyos Resort: This tourist resort is located close to the division of the city center, as it does not take more than a few minutes to reach it. It is one of the most important tourist areas for relaxation and recreation. It offers many services besides its privileged location and a charming view of the Bosphorus directly.

What about real estate investment in Sariyer?
Due to all the features, we mentioned earlier, the real estate market in the region has boomed dramatically, especially since Sariyer is one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul. This has been positively reflected in real estate and its demand. Therefore, investors have turned to it to establish various real estate projects, from villas, resto residential complexes and regular apartments.

Property prices have increased in Sariyer thanks to its many features, but it is still considered reasonable due to its location and unique view.

No doubt buying a property in Istanbul within the Sariyer area is considered a profitable deal. Moreover, it will make much profit by renting the property to tourists or reselling it, so do not hesitate and hurry to seize the opportunity!



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