Buying real estate with the Turkish government's guarantee

What is buying real estate with the Turkish government's guarantee and what are the required documents ?

Buying real estate with the Turkish government's guarantee
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Last update 20-12-2022
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Many investors prefer to search for real estate investment opportunities in Turkey that enjoy reliability and guarantee of rights. They also search for projects that provide quality in construction and raw materials used and have ownership contracts or green deeds, that is, you follow all legal procedures for ownership and when doing By searching for Turkey real estate that meets all of these conditions at the same time, your choice must be made to buy Turkey real estate with a guarantee from the Turkish government.


Firstly :What is the real estate in Turkey guaranteed by the government:

Each of the construction and reconstruction companies in Turkey specializes in establishing a group of projects. This type of project is called private projects, but construction projects can be opened in partnership between the Turkish government, which represents the public sector, and construction companies that represent the private sector. These real estate projects are guaranteed by a government guarantee, and this process in the global system of countries is called the common sector in the field of real estate in Turkey.

Real estate projects are established with the guarantee of the Turkish government through a partnership contract that brings together construction companies affiliated to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Turkey with private companies that undergo a high selection process depending on the reputation it enjoys in the Turkish real estate market, the extent of experience it enjoys and the quality it enjoys. It has previously shown it in real estate projects established in its name and subject to its financing and supervision.

This partnership contract is built according to an agreement according to which a plot of land is provided by the Turkish government, meaning that this land is owned by the state to the construction and construction companies affiliated with the private sector and whose task is to construct and build the project and ensure the full implementation, whether it is a residential project or Commercially, the start dates, the reconstruction plan, the exact dates, and the delivery date are also agreed upon, and the private construction company is obligated to adhere to these dates under penalty of legal accountability. No fraud .


Secondly: The guarantees provided when purchasing real estate with the Turkish government guarantee:

Many investors prefer the option of buying real estate in Turkey within projects with the government's guarantee of what is known about the works that the Turkish government is implementing by closely monitoring the progress of these projects and ensuring that the rights of Turkish real estate owners and foreign and local investors are guaranteed, regardless of the stage in which the property is purchased. And through each of the following:


1- Monitoring the pre-sale phase of real estate in Turkey:

The Turkish government works, before offering any apartments for sale, to ensure that all licenses issued by the private construction companies that deal with them are subject to the completion of the housing project and to ensure the credibility and validity of the licenses to preserve the rights of the beneficiaries.


2- Corporate auditing of marketing advertisements:

The monitoring and verification process carried out by the Turkish government does not end with building permits, but rather extends to include checking all promotional and marketing advertisements made by the private construction company for the project to ensure that 100% correct information is provided to investors and that none of them fall victim to counterfeiting and exaggeration. In the characteristics of the real estate project that is under construction by the construction company.


3- Ensuring the quality of the property upon completion before offering it for sale:

The Turkish government is working to implement a field inspection of the apartments in the sales offices before the start of the project by experts contracting with the Turkish government, thus ensuring all the rights of the foreign investor to follow up all the procedures of the sale process, as well as certifying the contracts for the purchase of apartments offered for sale at the notary, which ensures that the owner gets a contract Ownership or title deed and directly from the Turkish government and also provides a translation of all sales contracts by a sworn translator working for the Turkish government, and then transferring all financial payments or installments directly to government bank accounts, which guarantees the implementation of this sensitive procedure for investors, especially Foreigners who want to buy a property in Turkey and make sure that payments are not transferred to construction companies only after the completion of the residential project construction and completely, as the Turkish government transfers the money paid by the foreign investor in the form of installments and payments to private construction companies after completion Completely building and constructing the residential project.


Third: Foreign investors and buying real estate in Turkey with government guarantee:

Many investors, especially foreigners, choose real estate projects that enjoy the guarantee of the Turkish government, due to the guarantees and preservation of the rights of investors, especially since many of them may have little experience in real estate investment in Turkey, but this does not negate the number of A note from foreign investors choosing private construction companies to buy a property in Turkey, as there are many reputable companies in the real estate market in Turkey that provide excellent projects and services that guarantee the rights of the beneficiaries, and therefore it can be said that the matter depends on choosing a reliable place to invest. Real estate in Turkey, regardless of its private or public status.


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