Brand Atakent

A Prestigious Residential Project with Stunning Views and Convenient Location in Istanbul's Kucukcekmece

Brand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand AtakentBrand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
Brand Atakent
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Istanbul European, Kucukcekmece


200,000 usd



Area Details - Kucukcekmece

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Married : 43%

Unmarried : 46%

44 Km2

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Brand Atakent  Details

  • Istanbul, the vibrant metropolis that straddles two continents, is renowned for its rich history, cultural heritage, and modern lifestyle. Among its many desirable residential projects, Brand Atakent stands out as a luxurious and contemporary development located in the European part of the city in the bustling district of Kucukcekmece. Combining cutting-edge design with expansive spaces, this project offers residents a distinctive living environment.
  • Brand Atakent comprises three opulent buildings, soaring to a height of 12 floors, covering a total area of 7,800 square meters. This makes it an ideal choice for investors and families searching for upscale accommodation in the vibrant city of Istanbul.
  • One of the project's defining features is the diverse range of available apartments, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you desire a chic and compact one-bedroom apartment (1+1), a spacious two-bedroom dwelling (2+1), or a generous three-bedroom abode (3+1) to accommodate your growing family, this project caters to all preferences.
  • Distinctive Amenities: Beyond its luxurious design, Brand Atakent offers a range of exceptional amenities that elevate the living experience for its residents:
  • Stunning Pools: The project features magnificent swimming pools within its premises, providing residents with the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate amidst enchanting natural vistas.
  • Equipped Fitness Centers: The state-of-the-art fitness centers have the latest exercise machines, helping residents maintain their physical fitness and well-being.
  • Walking and Relaxation Areas: Designated areas for walking and enjoying the outdoors allow residents to unwind and bask in the serene beauty of nature.
  • Children's Playgrounds: Families will appreciate the thoughtfully designed and safe play areas for children to enjoy their leisure time.
  • 24/7 Security: The project ensures the safety and security of its residents through an advanced security system and a vigilant team of guards.
  • Investing in Brand Atakent presents an ideal opportunity to partake in the burgeoning real estate market of Kucukcekmece, Istanbul. Its modern design and diverse range of available apartments cater to many individuals. The distinctive amenities add significant value to the project, making it an enticing choice for families and individuals seeking a sophisticated residential environment that caters to all their needs and aspirations.

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Payment Method & Prices

Number of roomsMin SpaceMin Price
1 + 1 roi
63 m² 200,000 usd
2 + 1 roi
85 m² 260,000 usd
3 + 1 roi
175 m² 540,000 usd
Last update 09-10-2023
50% Down Payment

Monthly Payment For 12 Month .

Why  Brand Atakent

  • Nestled in the esteemed Atakent neighborhood within Kucukcekmece, one of the most prestigious districts in the European section of Istanbul, Brand Atakent stands as a testament to luxury living. Boasting stunning sea views and picturesque panoramas of the city, this residential project offers an unparalleled living experience that captures the essence of Istanbul's charm.
  • Strategically located close to Kucukcekmece Lake, known as the gateway to the new Istanbul Canal, the project offers residents a unique opportunity to witness the city's transformation. The Turkish government's ambitious plan to create the new Bosphorus and facilitate merchant ship crossings highlights the region's immense growth potential, making Brand Atakent an ideal investment opportunity with excellent returns.
  • A key highlight of the project is its innovative apartment system, featuring a home office design. This setup caters to families and opens doors for investment opportunities with promising returns. Residents can enjoy the convenience of working from home while savoring the luxurious ambiance and stunning vistas.
  • Transportation convenience is another major advantage of Brand Atakent. The project is close to various transportation options, including a tramway and a metro station currently under construction, which will be just steps away. Additionally, the Metrobus, one of the city's most important means of transportation, is readily accessible, ensuring effortless commutes throughout Istanbul.
  • Beyond the exceptional location, Brand Atakent offers residents many nearby amenities. Numerous educational and health centers, both private and governmental, cater to families seeking the best for their loved ones. Furthermore, several commercial malls in the vicinity cater to the region's needs, providing a seamless shopping and entertainment experience.
  • The interiors of Brand Atakent apartments are a true testament to exquisite craftsmanship. With meticulous engineering coordination in the apartment division, residents can revel in spacious and thoughtfully designed living spaces that maximize comfort and functionality.
  • Moreover, the project's commitment to residents' well-being shines through its comprehensive range of services. Every need is anticipated and met, ensuring a safe and comfortable family environment. From 24/7 security to recreational facilities and communal spaces, Brand Atakent is designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents.
  • Brand Atakent presents the epitome of contemporary luxury living in Istanbul's Kucukcekmece. Its combination of modern design, spacious apartments, and exceptional amenities make it an appealing choice for discerning investors and families seeking a refined living experience in this bustling city.
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