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The most important universities and schools in Kucukcekmece:
Kucukcekmece contains 3 universities: Istanbul Ariel University, Istanbul Aydin University and Al-Zaim Sabahattin University, in addition to 96 public schools and 12 private schools, as well as 4 cultural centers. In the coming lines, we will expand on the definition of the most important of these universities and schools.

First: Universities in Kucukcekmece:
As mentioned above, this region contains three universities:

1- Aydin Üniversitesi:
Founded in 2003 by the Anadolu Foundation for Education and Culture, this university became the constituent university where most of the international students received their education. The number of the teaching staff reached about 1500 members and about 40,000 students. The university has 3 faculties, 3 vocational schools, 1 institute and 35 research centers. Meanwhile, Istanbul Aydin University owns the Medical Faculty Hospital, 5 dental centers, and 27 laboratories for basic medical sciences.
Istanbul Aydin University occupies a strategic location in the city center, as it is located 44 km from Istanbul Airport, making it easy to reach it from all parts of the city by private cars and various public transportation. The university includes the following majors:

Master's majors
PhD specializations
Bachelor's degree majors
Diploma majors
Among the most important advantages of Eden University:

You do not need a YOS certificate to apply for it.
The possibility of studying in it in Turkish and English.
It is considered one of the internationally recognized universities.
It prepares festivals and conferences that motivate and encourage students.
2- Sabahattin Zaim University in Kucukcekmece:
Sabahattin Al Zaim University was established in 2013, and Sabahattin Al Zaim University is considered one of the most prominent Turkish private universities in Istanbul. The university includes seven colleges, the most important of which are the College of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Business Administration, Administrative Sciences and the College of Health Sciences. These colleges offer about 34 undergraduate programs, 57 master's programs, and 20 doctoral programs.

Among the advantages offered by Sabah Al-Din Al-Zaim University are:

Local and international recognitions are obtained by the university.
The university is a member of the ASEM Student Exchange Program.
The distinguished campus with its unique location and design.
The university contains one of the largest academic and research offices in Istanbul, which includes a comprehensive library of books and encyclopedias in various fields and specializations.
It is considered one of the most important universities for graduate students, such as masters and doctoral students.
3- Istanbul Arel University in Kucukcekmece:
Istanbul Arel University is one of the most prominent Turkish private universities in Turkey. The university was founded in 2007. The university includes many colleges, the most important of which are: College of Engineering and Architecture, College of Science, College of Applied Sciences, Economics and Administration, College of Communication, College of Fine Arts, College of Health Sciences and colleges of foreign languages. It also includes some schools and vocational institutes.

Istanbul Ariel University's mission is to carry out education, research and community service activities in line with international quality standards. It aims to educate individuals on the principle of respect for the rule of law, ethical principles, human rights and critical and creative thinking.

What is the vision of Istanbul Ariel University?

Istanbul Ariel University's vision is to become a world-renowned contemporary research university that educates individuals who can identify and analyze ever-changing social, cultural, economic and technological needs, and conduct scientific research and innovative professional activities to meet these needs.

What are the research centers in the university?

Technology and Engineering Center.
Polymer and Composite Materials Research Center.
Technology Transfer Center.
translation centers.
Laboratories of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Chemistry.

Second: Schools in Kucukcekmece:

1- Private primary schools:
Bilge School:
Bilge Primary Private School offers the best models of primary education, and the policy of this school is to allow its students to learn through self-reliance in trying and research and prefers to move away from routine methods that rely only on memorization and memorization. The Turkish language is also taught professionally in classrooms equipped with the best modern teaching aids.
The Bilge School also provides its students with a weekly reading class to motivate and encourage students to read, which will contribute to expanding their perceptions. The school also offers its students the possibility of learning another language, which is English, which helps them to acquire a new science and an international language that enables them to enter all universities. The students of the school also receive the rest of the various educational subjects, in mathematics, science and technology, and among the beautiful classes taught in this school is the catering class, where this class contains 20 students, in which the preparation of meals is taught under the supervision of a nutritionist. This is intended to provide healthy food and calculate calories in menus prepared using healthy food items that children need.

Florya Ito School:
ITU ETA Florya School is located in Kucukcekmece, and it is one of the most important private schools for children's education at the primary level, in a typical and safe atmosphere for children, where the school administration takes full care of its children physically, psychologically and intellectually, as it provides them with the best classrooms to receive education with the latest modern means. It is also preparing other health facilities within the school to fully meet the wishes and needs of children, such as the indoor gymnasium, football, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics fields, in addition to swimming pools. This is in terms of physical attention, while in terms of intellectual interest, a special room for the laboratory, another for the computer, a conference room, and a conference room has been provided.
General reading clerks, in addition to the English and German language courses that are given as additional foreign languages, and the school and teaching staff focus on adopting the comprehension method for students, which allows them to learn through practice and experiment. The school administration did not fail to secure a health center (dispensary) to take care of children, and of course, it took care of the recreational aspect, such as the presence of the cafeteria and green spaces.

These were examples of some private schools, in addition to the presence of many public primary schools in the Kucukcekmece region.

2- Secondary schools in Kucukcekmece:
Anadolu Private School in Kucukcekmece:
One of the most important goals of Anadolu High School is to give students their national and spiritual values, focus on the religious and psychological aspects, and educate students about these issues. The Holy Qur’an is taught to students with experienced teachers in this field. Anadolu Private School offers students the opportunity to study an optional language (German - Arabic). In addition, the Cambridge International School curriculum program is implemented at the school. This way students are assessed through 'checkpoint' exams according to the levels they have completed during the semester, and they can earn ESL certificates that are valid worldwide by the University of Cambridge. The school also provides ideal halls that provide students with a comfortable atmosphere to study. Of course, it also provides dining halls and gymnasiums, and it also has a dispensary inside the school to respond quickly to the health problems of students. The school also provides transportation that provides students with access to all parts of the city. The school also provides a distinguished service as it has a guidance system for students to monitor their academic achievements, to obtain assistance and to provide courses in the subjects they fail in, and to obtain personal and psychological assistance. In this way, the performance of students within the school is regularly monitored. Many local, national and international projects, especially TUBITAK projects, are also implemented in Anadolu High School.

3- International Schools in Kucukcekmece:
1- Al Ihsan School:
Teaching in this school takes place in three languages: Arabic, Turkish and English. It is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education. Scientific subjects are taught in English, while other subjects are taught in Arabic and Turkish, and focus begins on them at the intermediate level.

2- Al-Jazari Schools:
It is one of the best Arab international schools in Istanbul, offering its students high-quality services and activities such as j-tech activities, where the focus is on students’ skills and development and allows them to practice their hobbies in many fields such as computer, internet, mobile and others. There is also a j-tt application, which allows students who can analyze and think from writing their thoughts, express themselves, and find solutions to various social problems, in addition to many other activities and applications that combine students with entertainment and learning at the same time.




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