Advantages of Farm houses in Turkey

If you're a country houses lover, get to know the advantages of Farmhouses in Turkey

Advantages of Farm houses in Turkey
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Last update 19-09-2023
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Turkey has a distinctive strategic location between the two most essential continents in the world, Europe and Asia. It extends over vast areas that helped give it a great diversity in the natural terrain and climate. This was positively reflected in the real estate sector in Turkey, which witnessed a great diversity of real estate forms to suit the climate. And the general atmosphere is in addition to personal taste, as we can find apartments for sale in Turkey and villas for sale in Turkey in addition to residential complexes and rural houses.

As for rural homes, it has witnessed a great turnout during the past years, and it is the ideal choice for those who wish to be quiet and away from the noise of the city. So what are the advantages of rural homes in Turkey? And where can I find it?

Farm houses in Turkey

Features of Farmhouses in Turkey:

There are many characteristics that rural homes in Turkey enjoy without other real estate, and they constitute important factors of attraction for stability in them, and the most important of these are:

- Quietness and distance from the noise and sounds of cars in the city are the most important factors that attract people to buy rural properties.
- Enjoying the beautiful nature and the attractive views that cannot be seen in the city real estate, as the country houses are surrounded by forests and vast areas in which you can breathe clean air away from the smoke of factories, and this is reflected positively on your psyche and your ability to complete the tasks and tasks required of you.
- Simplicity and distance from sophistication in rural life are due to the nature of business and life in the countryside.
- The kindness and good treatment of the rural population are known for their excellent manners and simplicity, and they will not hesitate to provide any help you may need.
- Housing in rural homes is ideal for spending the weekends or summer holidays after much effort and fatigue at work and study. It is ideal for retirees and those with psychological or health problems.
- When you live in country houses, you can raise animals such as horses, sheep, cows, and other valuable animals that you can invest in.
- You can use the soil to grow different crops to achieve self-sufficiency or even enter the field of agriculture and agricultural investment.
- Low prices of real estate when compared to real estate in cities or other investment regions.
- Country houses are a unique opportunity for real estate investment in Turkey, as you can benefit from renting the property to tourists and other forms of investment.

Farm houses

Where can I find Farmhouses in Turkey

As previously mentioned, the extension of Turkey to different regions has contributed to the spread of many forms of real estate, including rural homes that spread throughout Turkey and the most critical areas in which there are rural homes in Turkey:

  • Gunyuk region in Turkey:

This region is considered one of the most important traditional and historical regions in Turkey, and the essential thing that distinguishes it is the wooden houses that are spread in it, in addition to the unique architectural designs of real estate, which essentially indicate the authenticity of the region and tell stories about its history.

The people of the Gunyuk region are known for preserving ancient Turkish customs and traditions, and they are famous for their hospitality and good manners. Many archaeological and cultural monuments are spread in the region, such as Turkish baths, ancient tombs, and giant trees.

The area includes a traditional market where residents from all surrounding villages and regions flock to sell their products and buy their needs. This market is an ideal place for lovers of antiques and handicrafts.

As for real estate prices in the region, the price per square meter does not exceed 1800 Turkish liras, so do not miss this opportunity.

  • Moderno region in Turkey:

This region is considered one of the most critical areas for medical tourism not only in Turkey but in the whole world, and it is a significant health resort that the Turkish government serves excellently because it is an important tourist destination as money is spent on improving the public image And on preserving the traditional Turkish identity of the region.

As for real estate, prices in Moderno are considered low despite their tourist importance, as the price per square meter does not exceed 2.000 Turkish liras.


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