Cities preferred by Arabs to buy real estate in Turkey

What are the most Turkish cities that Arabs prefer to buy a property in?

Cities preferred by Arabs to buy real estate in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Turkey is one of the most important destinations that Arabs visit from neighboring and distant countries. It is the preferred choice for Arabs to invest, trade, buy real estate trade, be wealthy, and even have residency. Turkey has all the advantages that attract Arabs in general and has all the ingredients that make it at the forefront of the countries that Arabs visit with the intention of real estate investment or with the intention of Trade in general. Turkey has begun to receive intense interest from Arabs wanting to buy real estate in recent years. After the wealthy Arabs in previous years preferred countries such as the United States, Spain, Britain, and France to a large extent, Turkey has become a priority option for them.


Why do Arabs choose Turkey?

Arabs prefer Turkey for many reasons, the most important of which is the geographical proximity and the fact that Turkey is a country where the majority of its population is Muslim, like the Arab countries, and bears the same cultural principles. As for the other reason, of course, it is because Turkey has a charming nature, tourist attractions, and a great historical legacy. It is comparable to European countries in beauty and nature. Hence, the Arabs tend to it because it is a mixture between Europe and Asia, divided between the Asian and European parts. Furthermore, the Turkish government always aims to intensify efforts and facilitate Laws and pave the way for all foreigners who want to buy real estate in Turkey or invest in real estate, so Arabs always want to go to Turkish cities because of their many and varied advantages.


Cities preferred by Arabs in Turkey


Of course, many Arabs prefer it because it is the capital and has many advantages; Ankara occupies first place in terms of being the best Turkish city for living and stability.

The most crucial advantage of Ankara is its low cost of living compared to Istanbul and the coastal cities. You can buy a property in Ankara at a lower cost for the same house if it is in Istanbul, and the amount decreases more if you approach the edge of the city. Accordingly, rent, living, food, drink, and clothing costs also decrease.

As for the infrastructure, different types of transportation are available in Ankara, and there is no traffic congestion except at peak times, which gives it an advantage over Istanbul.

This is considered one of the best Turkish cities for living and stability, especially for families with a source of income from abroad. Therefore, it is one of the essential options preferred by Arabs for investment or the purpose of residence.



It is considered the first and preferred choice for Arabs, Turkey's economic capital and its vibrant hub in the Turkish real estate market and the most significant area that attracts Arab investors of different nationalities because it contains many urban transformation areas that are witnessing an urban renaissance and massive projects with the latest engineering designs competing with the most significant international designs similar to residential complexes in Istanbul, which offers exceptional high-end services, recreational facilities, swimming pools, green spaces, and permanent security guards, in addition to the presence of the most significant modern infrastructure projects such as the Istanbul Canal, Wadi Al-Hayat and the new airport, which made investing in it an ideal opportunity for those wishing to develop their wealth or invest in it continuously.



Antalya is one of the most distinguished Turkish cities in real estate investment in Turkey due to the profitable returns that the investor reaps during the tourism seasons by renting regular apartments, hotel apartments, significant or villas, which are considered the finest in Turkey, in addition to buying and renting offices for tourism companies, not to mention the Investing in hotel resorts, which is experiencing a significant boom in purchasing, whether by the Turks themselves or by foreigners. Therefore, the Arabs tend to this city in particular for TradeTrade and investment more than any other reasons, and this is due to the large seasonal profits that the Arab investor reaps; if he owns an apartment in Antalya, he can benefit greatly from renting the apartment in the tourism seasons, and reap huge profits. Therefore, many Arabs tend to Antalya.



Some Arabs prefer it because the cost of living in Konya is meager, and it is suitable for families with low incomes or those who want to live in an Islamic environment. As for education, Konya also has a lot of public and private Turkish schools, so Konya is one of the best Turkish cities to live in.

Konya is famous for its agriculture, which may provide job opportunities, with an infrastructure prepared for various types of transportation, including buses, railways, and many other diverse advantages that attract many Arabs.


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