Why do investors prefer buying real estate in Istanbul and Antalya

Advantages of buying a property in Istanbul, Antalya

Why do investors prefer buying real estate in Istanbul and Antalya
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Each of the Turkish cities has certain importance and characteristics that distinguish it from the other, and each of them was a kiss for some to buy and own real estate. Antalya is one of the best options.

To see all the advantages and pros of buying a property in these two cities, you will have to follow the following article, which will address all dimensions of this topic.


Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul:

1 - If the purpose of real estate is real estate investment, then this is one of the right choices, as this city is characterized by vitality and activity, as it is a meeting place for businessmen and investors.

2 - Istanbul is one of the most suitable Turkish cities for commercial real estate investment, as Istanbul is a suitable environment for that, as it is characterized as safe and its economy is booming.

3 - Istanbul is characterized by its large population, as it reaches 22 million people, and there is a noticeable increase, as it receives more numbers every month, especially from Arab countries.

4 - The conditions of life in Istanbul are suitable and conducive to stability, and one of the reasons that encourage real estate ownership in it is that it facilitates the adaptation of Turkish society.

5- Real estate can be invested in Istanbul in more than one way, and since it is a destination for many groups such as students, job seekers and tourists, it will be feasible to rent real estate and get a fixed return per month.

6- Istanbul is witnessing many urban transformation projects that will raise real estate prices in the city.

7- Istanbul is characterized by its advanced infrastructure, and this city is witnessing the presence of many development projects, the most important of which is the new Istanbul Airport and the new Istanbul Water Canal, in addition to highways and extensive public transportation lines.

8- Turkey in general and Istanbul, in particular, is characterized by a wide real estate diversity, especially at the level of apartments, most notably the residential complexes that are luxurious and modern in Istanbul with unique engineering designs.

9- Istanbul this year topped all Turkish cities in terms of the number of real estate sales sold.

10 - Despite all its advantages, it contains affordable and suitable real estate price areas.


Advantages of buying real estate in Antalya:

1 - Buying a property in the city of Antalya is one of the distinct options that some searchers for real estate for sale in Turkey resort to, due to its privileged location and its view of the Mediterranean Sea.

2 - On the economic level, it is considered distinct, because it enjoys a large tourist turnout, based on all its treasures and historical, archaeological and natural monuments as well. In the first half of this year, it received six million tourists.

3 - Antalya is a fertile environment for real estate investment, especially if the property is chosen correctly, such as a tourist property, i.e. a hotel, mall or hotel apartments, and restaurants and cafes can be invested.

4- Antalya does not lack advanced infrastructure, it contains a sophisticated international airport, and the public transport network is developed and wide, in addition to its multiple markets.

5 - Real estate in Antalya varies, and the most prominent thing that can be found in the apartments that are located within the residential complexes, which are characterized by sophistication, distinction and high quality, and Antalya is the appropriate environment to search for villas for sale, as it has a luxurious view, distinctive specifications and reasonable prices as well.


Advantages that will be obtained when buying a property in Antalya or Istanbul:

1 - If the property is residential, it is possible to obtain a real estate residence permit, which is considered one of the best residences in Turkey, and can be renewed very easily.

2 - It is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership when the price of the property is 250.000 US dollars or more, and a commitment must be made not to sell it before three years have passed since the date of its purchase.

3 - Turkey is characterized by safety, and buying a property in it will preserve its value, and this helps the general stability that Turkey is witnessing at the political and economic levels.

4 - The geographical location in the middle of the world's continents, in addition to that Turkey, oversees some important world seas.

5 - The presence of part of it within the European continent is a privilege and cultural diversity, and this is one of the positive aspects enjoyed by those whose purpose is to live within real estate in Turkey.

6 - Real estate prices in Turkey are low and appropriate, and this aspect will become evident if compared with other countries.

The abundant profits certainly are what calls for many real estate investors around the world to choose Antalya and Istanbul for their investment projects, as these two cities contain many tools for the success of this step.




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