Advantages of buying a property in Turkey

The reasons why foreign investors choose to buy a property in Turkey, and the advantages

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey
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Last update 05-01-2023
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Perhaps behind this significant course, the trends towards buying a property in Turkey lie many secrets. We mention that buying property can be for settling down or for investment, and there is a possibility that it is for spending holidays and vacations. Still, the question is all the benefits that will accrue to its buyers. The answer will be in the following article.


What are the most Advantages of buying a property in Turkey?


Good investment returns:

Many people choose Turkish real estate intending to enter the real estate investment department through trends. They know very well that its profits wilhuge swayiswas huge and whatever property was chosen, the results will be satisfactory whatever property was chosen. One of the most impoessentialngs that attracts the investor is a lot of real estate diversity than excellent Upon request.

Turkey's strategic location:

When the investor chooses the Turkish state to buy a property, he will have an excellent opportunity to link his businesses inside Turkey with those outside Turkey and expand the projects, which will come loaded with many profits.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

We must know that e another owner can apply for Turkish citizenship in this significant course if, by acquiring real estate, the property meets the conditions of acquiring restatement. The most important of these conditions is that its price should be 250.000 US dollars and more. It. It is also required not to be sold before three years from the date of purchase.

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Real estate residence :

After the buyer of the property has obtained citizenship. Before the real estate residence, he will be able to obtain a Turkish passport, which in turn carries many advantages between its papers, as it will allow its holder to move between many countries without being bound by the many controls and restrictions.

Low cost of living in Turkey :

Whoever invests in real estate in Turkey for permanent settle down and stability has the healthiest thing ever, through which he will get a luxurious life without restrictions and full of pleasures without limits. He will also get all possible amenities. In this regard, we must draw attention to the low cost of living in Turkey if we compare this aspect with similar European and American countries, as it is unbearable there.

Real estate prices are low compared to other countries :

Low real estate prices are also one of the goals they hide in themselves. Through a small amount, they can get a property with high-quality specifications. In contrast, at the same price, they cannot get the exact costly property without a country, so European and American real estate is costly to the extent that many people cannot afford to carry it around.

The beauty of nature :

The Turkish state is characterized by the fact that it bears the unique and distinguished character of tourism at the whole world level, in which many unique and distinguished tourist places and sites exist Around the world.

Distinguished educational services:

Turkey has many schools and universities that have international and local certificates, and all of them work in an excellent manner aimed at quality of education, accuracy in providing information, and using curricula. In addition to Turkish, such as English and Arabic, this is to consider all the nationalities submitted to it.

Similar Traditional :

We must mention Turkey belongs to the field of conservative oriental customs, which makes many Arabs prefer choosing it. They are confident they will not find themselves strangers to Turkish society, its customs, traditions, and other details. What added to the poetry beta is that this country is an Islamic country of the first degree. 

Health Services :

The Turkish state has a brilliant constellation of health centers, hospitals, dispensaries, and other matters that include the health of the people, and Turkey is world-renowned in medical terms, as all of its centers are equipped with modern and upscale models, in addition to the presence of a large number of doctors in charge of them.

Turkish economy :

Finally, we must note that the distinguished and successful Turkish economy, which makes many promises that the coming days will be refreshing for it, guarantees them the profits and stability they seek.


What has been mentioned up to the present moment is sufficient to take a simple idea of ​​the reason that made all those people choose Turkish real estate, as this is almost all that is available, and what is hidden is greater.


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