Rules for admission to public and private universities in Turkey

Rules for admission to public and private universities in Turkey

Rules for admission to public and private universities in Turkey
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There are many foundations and rules governing admission to a public or private university in Turkey, and there are many advantages that will be shared by those people who choose to study one of them, and the following article will be specialized in revealing many things related to this curve.


What are the pros and cons of studying in Turkey?

1- Universities in Turkey are characterized by being of a high level of teaching, and they also have the necessary ingredients that allow students to carry out field experiments on the ground, especially medical students, as they have some hospitals.

2- Turkey is also in the middle of the globe with its distinguished geographical location, as it is the meeting point of the East with the West, which makes it easy to reach and travel from it easy, and it also includes many different cultures based on the ages it witnessed.

3- Also, the Turkish government has given these students special care and great attention. This is represented in the educational programs established for them and the development of curricula because Turkey has raised the slogan of developing the country by upgrading the field of education.


What are the correct ways to enroll in universities in Turkey?

1- Either in public universities:

This is done by passing the entrance exam for foreigners, which is not easy at all. Most public universities require an average of ninety percent in it, especially for those who want medical specialties. But if the student wants to join engineering branches, he is asked for an average of sixty-five percent, and when choosing public universities, it is Priority is given to those with higher rates.


2- Or in private universities:

The student’s choice to enroll in private universities in Turkey means that he chooses the easiest, as he will not have to undergo an admission examination, and it is committed to providing the same quality that public universities provide, and the student will be able to choose the specialization he wants directly, so no trade-off restricts his desire.


How can a student choose his university major in Turkey?

It is certain that when all students finish high school, they are confused about their affairs, so in this period of time, he must deliberately stay away from everything that distracts his attention and mind and collect all the things he loves and the place where he prefers to be in the future, and the student must also put a monument In his eyes, the academic qualifications he possesses, in addition to determining the financial budget that he owns, is it sufficient for him to enter the specialty he wants or not, and after all this, the student must not choose on his own, so he must consult with those who have experience and previous experience, and in addition to all that and after his choice is made On a specialty, he should attend a few lectures to decide whether he agrees with it or not in principle.


What after graduation, study, or work?

After graduating from university, many students prefer to complete their studies in the field of postgraduate studies, such as masters and doctorates, as these stages increase their knowledge and experience, and Turkey allows foreigners to do this and supports it with all its energy in this step.


Can anyone who graduates from Turkish universities have a good job opportunity?

Of course, this is available to any foreigner who graduates from a university in Turkey, and not only that, but that the salary he will receive will be good enough to secure a well-off life that he wishes for, and the more experience he has in the field in which he works, the higher his salary will be.


Is working in Turkey tiring and hard?

The number of working hours in Turkey is similar in most countries of the world, where work in government sectors and companies is only nine hours, while work in private sectors and shops is from ten hours to twelve hours, and there are official holidays and the weekly holiday is on Saturday and Sunday.

So the idea of ​​studying foreigners in Turkey is available and possible, and as we have seen, the student will be free to choose between the options listed in the public and private sectors.


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