The difference between buying real estate in the countryside and the city

Comparison of the advantages of buying real estate in the countryside and the city in Turkey

The difference between buying real estate in the countryside and the city
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Last update 24-12-2022
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One of the most significant advantages of the real estate market in Turkey is that it offers many options for those wishing to own real estate, which is one of the main reasons that prompted many people to go towards it.

The countryside in Turkey is one of the distinctive options that can be chosen for real estate ownership, and Turkish city centers are among the basic options. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, and to view them all, the following article should be followed, whose axes will be as follows:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying a property in rural Turkey.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying a property in the center of Turkish cities.
  • The most critical reasons drive many investors to buy real estate in Turkey.


Advantages of the Turkish countryside:

- Buying a property in the countryside of Turkey is an excellent option for housing and accommodation, as calmness and independence are the dominant characteristics of the place, as the countryside is far from sources of noise and pollution.

- It is a beautiful opportunity to live among nature and within a distinctive healthy atmosphere; based on this, many people prefer to spend their holidays and vacations in it.

Real estate located in the Turkish countryside is considered the appropriate choice for owners of low budgets, as the prices of its properties are low and appropriate, and the cost of living is also low.

- The Turkish government pays a lot of attention and care to these countries and is keen to provide them with public transportation lines to facilitate transportation to and from them.

It is possible to invest in real estate in the Turkish countryside. It is expected that its future will be unique, especially as it is a destination for many tourists who come to Turkey.

- The countryside in Turkey is not far from the city centers, and the latter can be reached in a short time.


Cons of the Turkish countryside:

There are few job opportunities in the countryside in Turkey, and the services he receives are sometimes not enough.

- The Turkish countryside lacks many recreational services, and life is not considered a great deal of luxury and comfort.

If the property is for real estate investment, the returns will not be as high as they are in the city, and for many, there is difficulty in adapting to life in it.


Advantages of buying a property in Turkish cities:

Cities in Turkey are characterized by their vitality and activity and the presence of many services and recreational facilities, which makes life integrated. In addition, they are equipped with all kinds of public transportation, making moving from one place to another very easy.

- Residential complexes with large modernity and luxury are spread in Turkish cities and many other types of real estate.

High returns accompany real estate investment in cities because it is a destinations for tourists, business people, and students.

Real estate prices in cities are constantly increasing, especially as they witness many urban transformation projects, in addition to the fact that they include many significant projects that positively impact the real estate sector.


Cons of buying a property in Turkish cities:

Life in cities is noisy and polluted, so many choose the countryside and real estate prices in major cities such as Istanbul and the Turkish capital, Ankara.

The cost of living in Turkish cities is high, and many taxes are paid due to the advanced services provided, such as the services provided in residential complexes.


What reasons drive many people to buy real estate in Turkey?

1 - Obtaining a real estate residence permit allows staying in Turkey legally. It is also considered one of Turkey's best types of residence because of its advantages to those who hold it. There is a possibility of renewing it.

2 - If the property price is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, you can apply for Turkish citizenship with a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed from its purchase date.

3 - Many facilities will be obtained when buying a property in Turkey, with easy procedures and tax reductions.

4 - Real estate in Turkey is of high quality, as the Turkish government is keen to monitor the progress of construction work and strictly adhere to the stipulated standards.

5 - Turkey has a developed infrastructure, and it also includes many massive projects that have a positive impact on all sectors, including genuine estate. It is one of the most important reasons for the success of real estate investment in Turkey.

*If you want to buy a property in the Turkish countryside, the best countryside in Turkey are those that follow the city of Istanbul, such as Sile and Silivri.

*It is also the best for those who want to buy a property in the center of cities, and every city in Turkey has its characteristics and importance that you should look for all the advantages of each one before making a decision.

You can find many options when you decide to buy a property in Turkey, and if you choose the Turkish countryside or the city, many advantages await you.



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