All you need to know about Bursa

All you need to know about Bursa city in Turkey and its many features .

All you need to know about Bursa
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Detailed information about Bursa

Turkey has many major cities of strategic importance on a global level. Each one of them is distinguished by several factors that collectively owe credit to the prestigious position that Turkey has acquired in the recent period. When talking about the most important cities of Turkey, no one can overlook On mentioning the name of the city of Bursa, one of Turkey's most important industrial cities.

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The location of the Bursa

The city of Bursa is geographically located in northwestern Turkey, with its view of the coast of the Marmara Sea. Bursa is located for a period estimated at an hour and a half by car from Istanbul. Bursa is ranked fourth in the list of Turkey's most significant cities by area, as the area of ​​this city is estimated to include approximately the limits of eleven thousand square kilometers.

Historically, the city of Bursa was the first city taken as the Ottoman Empire's capital, from the year thousand three hundred six and twenty until the year thousand three hundred and sixty-five AD. 

Therefore, many consider Bursa to be the city of intermingling between the past and present. A vivid example with its long-standing historical and archaeological landmarks attesting to the intermingling of Byzantine, Roman, and even Islamic civilizations.


The economy of Bursa, Turkey:

The city of Bursa occupies a prominent position in the world of trade and the exchange of goods and goods. This importance is due to this city's strategic geographical location as the ancient Silk Road passes through it as ranks first in the natural silk industry. In addition, this is due to the widespread cultivation of mulberry trees in abundance.

In the city, it is known that this type of tree is the primary source of nutrition for the silkworm-producing silk. 

The history of the silk industry in the city goes back to the days of the Ottoman Empire when the first silk industry was established during its reign.

And the city of Bursa had maintained its essential commercial and economic position throughout history, even after the establishment of the Turkish Republic in the year thousand nine hundred and twenty-three AD when the city of Bursa turned into a vital industrial center that included many industries such as the automobile industry and other critical economic industries. Such as spinning, weaving, steelmaking, steelmaking, and so forth.

The seaports in Bursa contribute to enhancing the critical commercial role they play, in addition to the fact that it includes thirteen industrial zones that support the economy in Turkey and promote its growth and rise in its global rank.

And the rapid growth in the city of Bursa does not only compete with the largest city in Turkey. Still, it extends to a comparison with the major industrial cities around the world, as it has become officially approved by the Turkish government as a center for the manufacture and production of the Turkish electric car production and manufacture, which is supposed to become available. For sale in various markets by the year two thousand and twenty-two AD.


Tourist and historical attractions in the Turkish city of Bursa

Bursa is one of the most beautiful natural places in Turkey; it is called the green city of Bursa because of its stunning landscapes and green mountains, in addition to being a tourist destination par excellence that includes many tourist and historical attractions that attract thousands of tourists every year.

Uludag Mountain

Uludag Mountain in the Turkish city of Bursa

This mountain is called the Great Mountain, and Uludag Mountain is covered with bright white snow throughout the winter season, so it is an ideal place to host the World Olympic skiing competitions, and you can visit this mountain either by car via the mountain road or by taking the hill Frick on an exciting trip Its distance is more than a thousand and five hundred meters.

Cumali Kizik

The Ottoman village in the Turkish city of Bursa

Cumali Kizik, or the Ottoman Village, is a vivid example that testifies to the originality and heritage of the eight histories, as it is spread in the alleys and streets of this village descendant of the Ottomans. The village lives within the atmosphere of the old society, and the Turkish government pays special attention to it and enters the list of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Bursa for its significant role in spreading Ottoman culture and bringing it closer to tourists and visitors.

The Great Mosque in Bursa

The Great Mosque in Bursa

This ancient historic building is considered one of the most prominent Islamic mosques in the city of Bursa, and this mosque was built with an area of ​​two thousand two hundred and fifteen square meters by Sultan Yıldırım Bayazid IV. 

Each section has four domes between them, and the covered market is in the vicinity of the mosque.

ido, budo

Distance between Bursa and Istanbul – How to go from Istanbul to Bursa

The distance from Istanbul to Bursa by road is approximately 153 Km, according to Google Maps, and four different ways can reach it: private car, taxi, public bus, and ferry.

Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by private car, and Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by ferry, or Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by ferry.

The weather in Bursa

The weather in Bursa

The weather in Bursa tends to be cold most of the time, and the temperature in Bursa in summer is acceptable at around 30 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature in Bursa in winter is an average of 10 degrees Celsius.

Bursa in winter

The temperature in Bursa in winter is cold, as the average temperature in winter in Bursa is 10 degrees Celsius, and the winter months in Bursa are among the rainiest, and the temperature in winter is cold enough to turn rain into the snow; this makes Uludag Mountain suitable place for lovers of winter sports.

Bursa in the summer

The temperature in the city of Bursa in the summer is acceptable at around 30 degrees Celsius, and the humidity in summer does not exceed average rates.

Bursa beaches

Bursa is characterized by the presence of many luxurious beaches to spend the most beautiful times and enjoy the beauty of charming nature, swimming in the seawater. The beaches of Bursa are among the tourist places suitable for practicing water sports such as swimming and surfing.

The fact that Bursa extends on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara opposite the city of Istanbul, in addition to the beaches in Bursa possessing stunning landscapes, and one of the essential beaches is what is located in the Mudanya area, north of Bursa on the coast of the Marmara Sea, and is the first station for arrivals from Istanbul through the sea transport station. (Ido and Budo) trans-city shipping companies.

Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by private car, and Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by ferry, or Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by ferry.

Bursa is two hours away from Istanbul by private car

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