Advantages of real estate investment in Kartal

Advantages of real estate investment in Kartal

Advantages of real estate investment in Kartal
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The success of real estate investment in Turkey depends on the first step, which is the correct choice of place of investment. Naturally, the eyes of investors are directed towards Istanbul in particular, but which areas are the best? Are those located on the European side of it? Or those located in the Asian half?

And what if the Kartal region, centered on the Asian side, is chosen? Will investing in it have a different character? Will it be successful? What attributes do you have? Everything related to this regard can be deduced from the following lines.


General lines related to the Kartal region:

1- First, we must know that this area is quiet and far from crowds and noise.

2- It has a charming view of the Marmara Sea, and based on this strategic location; it has become a destination for investors looking for excellence and success.

3- It is an essential port through which the Princesses Islands and many other areas can be reached.

4- It is also important to realize that it is located close to Sabiha Airport / at the same time in the middle of the E5 highway, which is essential in that it connects Kartal to all areas of Istanbul located at both ends.

5- The region is blessed with vast green spaces and the presence of hills and rivers, which made it suitable for housing and stability in the first place.

6- Its public transportation is very integrated. This is one of the details that made it a distinctive investment destination, as it contains a subway that passes under the Bosphorus Strait. It is also available on sea ships.

7- Kartal contains various markets, making it a tourist destination as well, and it meets the needs of its residents. The most prominent of these markets is the Real Shopping Center / Istanbul Mall / Plateau Mall / Maltepe Mall.

8- The most important point is its infrastructure, characterized by keeping pace with modernity, and the Turkish government pays special attention to it. We must point out that this structure has contributed to being a center for business people and investors today.

It contains many public and private schools and universities.

It also includes many medical centers and government and private hospitals as well.

We must point out that it includes gardens and green parks that have a view of the Princess Islands and playgrounds and places designated for children to play.

-Cafes and restaurants share in them, which are diverse and distinct.

-There is a complex that includes swimming pools and gyms.

9- This area is witnessing many urban transformation projects, and many new real estate projects are being built that comply with the desires of many, as they are designed in a modern way and by international standards.

10- According to many real estate experts, Kartal is expected to witness an apparent rise in its prices in the coming days, which will reassure the investor of the profits that he will obtain, and the reason for this rise is the tremendous demand around it.

11- Residential complexes have the largest share and many luxury offices.

12- Eidos Forest is one of the places belonging to the Kartal region, which is famous for its vast areas and unique beauty. It also contains a variety of different trees, such as oak and pine.

It can be chosen to have fun or to exercise, and it also contains restaurants and lakes, and accordingly, it had a significant role in the success of real estate investment in it.

*It is essential to know that choosing Kartal for real estate investment means entering an expansive competitive atmosphere.

13- This region is the only one capable of competing with the European section of Istanbul.

14- Finally, it is rising in the field of real estate investment and is fighting hard to be among the first names in Istanbul, and we must be well aware that it is suitable for housing and stability as well.

At the end of this article, we can show the investment importance of the Kartal region, and based on many of the elements it possesses; it was a choice for many investors worldwide.

It is one of the areas where real estate is cheap and suitable for many. Generally, real estate prices on the Asian side of Istanbul are lower than on the European side.

After the choice of many fell on it, will it be your destination? Or do you prefer other areas?




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