Living in Alanya, Turkey

A complete guide for living in Alanya, Turkey, with the most important advantages of the city and settling there.

Living in Alanya, Turkey
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Why Living in Alanya, Turkey?

The city of Alanya and its various advantages in many areas should be known, making it an ideal choice for many investors and those who wish to settle in a Turkish city on the coast.


Alanya is one of the important tourist places in Turkey. This city is rich in its history, natural beauty, wonderful Mediterranean coastline, and warm climate, especially in winter, compared to other Turkish cities.


This city has recently emerged in terms of foreigners moving to it and real estate investment of its own. Alanya attracts many tourists throughout the year, brings together many cultures and religions, and embraces various ancient languages and ancient civilizations.

 Living in Alanya

The advantages of living in Alanya, Turkey

There are a large number of advantages in Alanya, which makes it an excellent destination for housing and accommodation for a large number of people who are looking for the following benefits:


Comfortable life and effortless style.

Alanya is famous for its distinctive and generally quiet geographical location away from the hustle and bustle of large cities. The city provides general calm and tranquility. It is an ideal choice for housing and stability for those looking for a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.


Tourism in the city

Alanya has a distinctive tourist character, especially in the summer, when there are a large number of ancient and famous tourist attractions, which makes it a favorite destination for a large number of foreign travelers, as well as those who prefer to visit the famous beaches of Alanya that overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

Living in Alanya

Distinctive nature and a warm climate.

The city of Alanya is characterized by its warm climate in most seasons of the year, without cold winters. Furthermore, the city is a coastal city par excellence, as it is located on the line that connects the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, which creates many beautiful beaches such as Dimirtas Beach, Ince Kom, Cleopatra Beach, and many more beautiful beaches that you can explore on your own.


We must not forget that the city of Alanya has several waterfalls, forests, rivers, and caves, which is an additional reason for frequent travelers and tourists.

The mild climate and the charming nature transformed Alanya from an ordinary city into an investment city, especially in the field of real estate, where the turnout of the number of different nationalities for real estate investment in Alanya increased. As a result, it has had a high turnout in the last four years, which helped to allocate an association under the auspices of Alanya Municipality under the name of the Foreigners Association in Alanya, which takes care of all matters of foreigners, takes care of their problems and pursues solutions.

Living in Alanya

The best places to stay in Alanya, Turkey

The area of Alanya is about 175.678 hectares, and it is divided into several districts; the best places to live are Demirtaş Neighborhood, Mahmutlar Neighborhood, Baylar Neighborhood, Guzelbag Neighborhood, Avsallar Neighborhood, Inçkum Neighborhood, Kargicak Neighborhood, Kestel Neighborhood, Tosmur Neighborhood, Oba Neighborhood, Konakli Neighborhood, Tosmur district, Turkler district.

One of the most famous areas is the Mahmutlar district, which foreigners densely populate. Antalya's Mahmutlar district is about 150 km away from Antalya city. The advantages and housing options in Demirtas, Cikcilli, and Avsallar are numerous.

Living in Alanya

The average cost of living in Alanya, Turkey

How to determine the average cost of living in Alanya, Turkey? This can be done by selecting the family members and individuals who want to live in Alanya and the housing property.

There are a large number of neighborhoods suitable for living and stability. Still, several communities have a touristic character, which makes their prices higher than other areas, especially if you are looking for an apartment to rent or buy.

In addition to the expenses, all the bills and even the proceeds from the building are paid in full, and in general, the prices are low compared to the prices and the cost of living in Istanbul.

Alanya has a large number of shopping centers that provide a large number of goods and daily needs, as well as a large number of restaurants and cafes.

Here we mention the average daily commodity prices in Alanya.

$0.15 per loaf of bread.

$1.2 for an egg plate.

$1 for one apple kilo 

One kilo of tomatoes costs $0.50.

Cheese costs $4.5 per kilogram.

One kilo of bananas costs $1.2.

$2.20 for 15 liters of water.

A meal for one in a regular restaurant: $3.

Dinner for two in a good restaurant: $12.


The average monthly rent for apartments in Alanya is

190 USD for 1+1 in the city center.

120 USD for 1+1 outside of town

250 USD for 3+1 in the city center.

195 USD for 3+1 out of town.

Living in Alanya

Real estate projects in Alanya

Alanya has a wide choice of real estate projects suitable for housing and real estate investment. In addition, Alanya includes several luxury residential complexes and provides luxury apartments with many service and recreational facilities, the most important of which are apartments with sea views in Alanya.

We at Deal Real Estate provide you with several housing options in the city center and the vicinity of the city, with distinctive options on the sea and also with a view of the famous Taurus Mountains, so if you are thinking of housing and stability and looking for a property in Alanya, do not hesitate to contact our advisory team. Helping investors and those wishing to buy a property in Turkey

Disadvantages of housing in Alanya, Turkey

The city of Alanya is considered a preferred destination by European nationalities, so it has a European character, especially during the tourist season. However, this may not be preferred by several Arab and Islamic communities and may be considered a negative factor for living in Alanya. Great people and families.

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