What is “Add Property” service?

All investors who have invested in real estate have completed the first part of the process, so the investor needs to complete the success of the investment process through the appropriate resale process that is characterized by Deal Real Estate and which it provides to all investors.

Benefits of using this service

Providing Turkish and foreign clients and investors
Ensure a secure transaction
Best Price Guarantee
Professional marketing of the property for sale (photos-videos-ads)

How to submit your property?

Fill out the form with all the correct information about your property
You’ll get contacted by our consultants
You will be asked to agree to display the property on our website
Agree on the details and sign the agreement
Organizing a marketing plan for your property

Why choose Deal to sell your property?

A reliable company in all sales procedures in a way that helps to ensure the sale efficiently, compared to Turkish sites
A whole team helps and follows up the process directly and without complications.
Technical support on all matters related to documents, legal affairs, and process tracking
Reliability in dealing with all parties
A company that has thousands of clients who are looking for a property that fits their plans
A team that speaks more than one international language
List the property on a site that has thousands of visits per day

Terms & Conditions

The absence of any legal or financial problems on the property.
Determine the reasonable price and do not exaggerate.
An agreement with the company not to dispose of the property for less than three months.
There is no intermediary between the property owner and the company.
Providing all official documents related to the property.
The property should be within the city of Istanbul.