Features of smart apartments in Turkey

Get to know the features of smart apartments in Turkey and why to buy them

Features of smart apartments in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The real estate world in Turkey is characterized by the abundance and diversity of options available to investors and those wishing to buy real estate, as it is considered one of the fastest sectors is adapting to the environment's requirements and development. Recently a new type of real estate appeared in Turkey that attracted the interest and attention of many, namely smart apartments in Turkey, Which has become a project that the most significant construction and reconstruction companies in Turkey are racing to start.


Definition of smart apartments in Turkey:

The description of apartments or smart homes is given to those homes in which modern technologies are used, as these apartments are fully automated, and automated is intended to be completely intentional depending on the technology in the various facilities of the house, and this means that you can control everything within the house. For example, with just one click of a button, starting from controlling the degree of Lighting, closing and opening the water taps, operating electronic and electrical appliances in the house from flat TV screens, cooling air conditioners and room doors to closing and opening the curtains and kitchen appliances and controlling the temperature of the house Whole or each room separately.

In addition to the fact that these smart apartments include an integrated information network that alerts the residents in them and works to protect them from disease and power outages, as well as closing the windows of the house automatically when the air conditioners start working, that is, it can be said that these apartments understand what you want and read your thoughts. Then, to do it for you.

Features of smart apartments in Turkey:

Smart apartments in Turkey provide an impressive set of services that regular apartments do not provide, such as opening the doors with a special card or a fingerprint that is previously entered into the home information network database, and it also allows the owner to control the air conditioning and cooling devices electronically and remotely even from outside the home. In addition, the smart apartments are provided with Lighting with sensors that automatically turn on the Lighting in the rooms when entering them, as well as there are loudspeakers in all rooms. Furthermore, surveillance cameras are added to the children's rooms providing the entire house with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which saves energy consumption.

It also provides security and safety through surveillance cameras, doors that close automatically, windows that close and open at night and day, and smart apartments in Turkey allow the feature of remote control through SMS from the owner to the home information network and send an alert Text to the owner when there is any spoiled food in the house refrigerator. It also monitors dew levels in your home garden plants and sends them when they need watering and irrigation.

The house's temperature is monitored, and the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment are operated according to the low or high temperature. When these air conditioners start working, the smart homes close the windows automatically to maintain the effectiveness of the air conditioning. It also automatically opens windows that can be controlled electronically. In addition to the above, it informs the owner of the house about the arrival of the daily newspaper or magazines. If there is a private cinema inside the house, the Lighting turns off automatically when this cinema is turned on, and the lights stop working when leaving The house or if it is empty.

Security alarms and monitoring devices in smart apartments in Turkey send an immediate alert to the homeowner when there is any attempt to penetrate or enter the prohibited places in the house, which the owner can identify himself and enter into the home's electronic information network. Also, it automatically alerts the owner in the event of any emergency while he is outside the house and calls the police and firefighters automatically in the event of a fire in the house. Furthermore, security monitoring and alarm devices can distinguish between a street vendor and a thief who breaks the door lock; therefore, false alarms are rare.


The differences between smart apartments and apartments in Turkey:

Smart apartments in Turkey are distinguished by their possession of devices that the system depends on, such as smart switches that replace regular electrical switches, smart sensors, and other regular locking methods that are found within apartments in Turkey

Also, most of the services or tasks that you have to do on your own in regular apartments are automatically implemented by smart apartments, such as automatically closing irrigation systems when you arrive at the house, opening the car garage door, unlocking the main door of the house, and stopping the alarms to allow you to enter and operate Lighting in the entrance to the house and operating the television.

Smart apartments in Turkey are distinguished from other traditional houses in that they are always connected with their owner and work to meet all his requests and desires in an impressive modern way as it helps the owner to protect his home and feel comfortable and safe while reducing the waste of energy and the homeowner can communicate with his home and give it. The commands are via a small device that is navigated through the house and also through a computer, in addition to small control devices that are distributed in the rooms of the house.


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