Advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Turkey

Advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Turkey

Advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Turkey
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Turkey is characterized by being diversified in real estate, and this is one of the first reasons that prompted many real estate investors around the world to choose it over all other countries; in addition to that, it has many ingredients for successful real estate investment.

Commercial real estate is one of the types of real estate that many investors tend to choose because it has proven the correctness of its choice in terms of the desired returns it provides, but what are the types of commercial real estate in Turkey? What are the essential consideration, Offices, The critical customer attention points that must be taken into account when investing? It's news and everything related to it you can discover when reading the following lines.


Commercial real estate in Turkey:


After Turkey has become one of the world's first real estate investment destinations, we can find many investors going to it to search for offices for sale. The most popular cities in this regard are Istanbul, Antalya, and Yalova. The reason behind this is that their profits are high and high.

The essential tips to follow when buying offices in Turkey:

It should be in a critical location and not far from the main roads in the city for easy access.

It must have luxurious specifications and distinctive engineering designs to draw customers' attention, and its furniture must be modern and elegant.

- It is recommended that the office be located in an area that includes a hotel and meeting rooms, and it is preferable that it be lively and active and owns many shopping centers.

Also, there should be an automatic teller machine near it, and it should be attached to parking lots, and the building should have electric elevators.

It should contain ventilation outlets, central heating and cooling devices, and the importance of being subject to regular maintenance to maintain its elegance and modernity.



Turkey is one of the best countries for investing in a retail store because it bears a tourist character, and markets and shops are the first choices for the tourist, and thus the returns are great. As for the best way to invest it, it is to rent it and get a fixed return per month. However, problems are essential with the tenants regarding the payment of rent as the tenants of commercial properties are in good financial condition.

The essential tips to follow when buying a shop in Turkey:

There must be other stores next to the retail store, and they should be in crowded and crowded places.

- There should be public transportation lines near it for ease of access, and it should be attached to car parks, and near it, there should be an ATM near it

- The shop should be equipped with security guards, surveillance cameras, and alarms in case the shop is exposed to attempted theft.



Istanbul is one of the most important Turkish cities for the investment of stores, as it is the center of commercial business and businessmen, which indicates the returns that will be achieved. Moreover, there is a suitable space near it for loading and unloading, in addition to the need for the warehouse to be equipped with ventilation outlets and security guards throughout the day.



It is certain that a city like Istanbul, the capital of beauty and an icon of magic, and the center of historical monuments in the country, will have a different matter for hotels to invest in, especially in the tourist seasons, the profits will be distinguished.

The essential tips to follow when investing in a hotel in Turkey:

It is essential to ensure that it is modern and that its rooms and suites are modern, preferably near the tourist sites and have a unique view.

It should also be taken into consideration that hotels need periodic maintenance and development to be compatible with modernity.


Advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Turkey:

An opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship, if it conforms to the stipulated conditions, that is, its price is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, with a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed since its purchase date.

- Turkey is a safe environment for real estate investment in general, as it is witnessing remarkable stability on the economic and political levels, and the economy in Turkey is expected to record more success and excellence in the coming days.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the success of real estate investment as it continues to develop. Development projects in Turkey are increasing daily, which is a good indicator for the future of commercial real estate investment.

Tax cuts are one of the most critical factors for the success of real estate investment in Turkey, as the profits will be more significant, the laws in Turkey are flexible, and the procedures for ownership are straightforward.

Finally, we can conclude that investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul is a unique opportunity, the results guaranteed, especially if all the advice given in this regard is considered.



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