Palestinians and investment in Turkey

Learn about the reasons that attract Palestinians to invest in Turkey

Palestinians and investment in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Turkey is at the top of the list of preferred destinations for real estate investment with foreign investors of various nationalities, and this is due to the diversity of advantages and features that Turkey's real estate enjoys. Many consider that the most critical factor that the real estate market in Turkey enjoys is the low real estate prices in Turkey. Compared to other countries, it is possible to obtain a property with high features and higher specifications compared to real estate in different European countries when paying the same amount, even though real estate in Turkey is no less excellent or essential compared to that European real estate, so we find that buying a property in Turkey may It has become the first choice for many who want to achieve investment returns because investment opportunities are available and very diverse in Turkey, and Arab nationalities are not immune to this significant trend towards buying real estate in Turkey, as the statistics and figures show a significant increase in the percentage of Arabs who buy property in Turkey and from The most prominent of these Arab nationalities was the Palestinian.


Palestinian ownership of real estate in Turkey:

According to Turkish law regarding real estate matters and foreign ownership, every Palestinian citizen who holds a Palestinian document can own real estate in Turkey and its various lands. Therefore, this decision included allowing all Palestinian citizens, including the holders of the Syrian travel document and the Lebanese travel document, as well as the Egyptian Real estate in Turkey is also allowed for them to conduct all legal and official transactions related to matters of the sale, purchase, and real estate investment such as leasing, as well as the inheritance of real estate in Turkey and other procedures related to the issue of real estate.

Although the holders of Syrian nationality or those coming from Syria are not allowed to own real estate in Turkey, the amendments to the real estate ownership law in Turkey have allowed Palestinians holding a Syrian travel document to own and buy a property in Turkeydirectly as it was previously without Those who do not hold citizenship are allowed to own real estate in Turkey. However, even the Palestinians who hold a travel document from Arab countries other than Syria, such as Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt, their condition is the same: real estate ownership in Turkey is not allowed directly.


Palestinians and obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Many people consider buying a property in Turkey a win-win deal from all sides, as the matter is not limited to saving money through low real estate prices in Turkey, nor to the availability of many investment opportunities and the fact that investment in Turkish real estate is a guaranteed area to achieve financial profits. Moreover, it extends to the fact that buying real estate in Turkey is accompanied by essential features, the most prominent and attractive among them for foreign investors is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey and Palestinian investors are not an exception as many of them are looking for ways to obtain a new nationality and any citizen can A Palestinian is to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment in Turkey, provided that this property fulfills a set of conditions, such as that its price is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars and that the buyer submits a pledge not to sell the property he bought for the sake of citizenship for a period of three years At least, therefore, the owner of the property becomes authorized to apply for Turkish citizenship, and once he obtains it, he will be able to grant his family from a wife and children who are eighteen years of age or less residence in Turkey and nationality Turkish also so that he and his family can settle in the Turkish lands.


The necessary papers for Palestinians to own real estate in Turkey:

Completing the sale of the property to the new buyer requires a set of official papers and legal procedures, which are very similar to those required of Turkish citizens themselves, with some simple additions. Still, foreigners buying property in Turkey remains much easier than the procedures imposed by many other countries before Foreign investors.

The papers include the translation of the passport into Turkish by a sworn translator. The authentication with the notary or the notary with two personal photos of the buyer and a tax number must be extracted, which is necessary for any foreigner entering Turkish territory as no transaction can be completed. Without it, each person gets their tax number from the tax department in Turkey, and after that, the property fees, which are worth four ٪ of the property price, must be paid. It is also necessary to open a bank account with one of the licensed Turkish banks, and this bank account is used. To transfer the funds necessary to pay the price of the property from the country of the original buyer to the banks in Turkey.


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