Cheapest real estate in Turkey

What cities can buy cheap real estate in Turkey

Cheapest real estate in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Searching for real estate and apartments at lower fair prices in Turkey is the goal of many looking for properties for sale, but is it possible to find cheap properties in Turkey? In which Turkish cities is this possible?

Is cheap real estate of low quality? And what about Istanbul? Is it a suitable option for searching for cheap properties? The following article will reveal all these details accurately, and we will realize the most important advantages of this type of real estate.

Antalya city:

Despite all its distinction, antiquity, and privileged location on the Mediterranean Sea, it contains real estate for sale at low. Due to the city's current facade prices.

The idea of ​​acquiring real estate in it is one of the best options, as it is a distinct tourist destination, and this year it was the first choice of tourists, as it received 3 million tourists in the first seven months of this year, based on the tourism potential it possesses.

Trabzon city:

This state is a tourist destination that tourists do not hesitate to visit every year, as it is the city that has a charming view of the Black Sea and has many different aspects of nature, such as the distinctive Uzun Gol Lake, in addition to that Trabzon contains many distinctive historical places.

This city's real estate is suitable for a real estate investment project, as its returns are high, especially during tourist season. At the same time, it is suitable for housing and stability, as it is the ideal environment.

Istanbul city:

Some may like the existence of cheap real estate in Istanbul, as it is known that its real estate is expensive due to its progress, urbanization, and keeping pace with modernity.

But this is a fact, as there are many areas in which there is real estate at reasonable prices, most notably:

1- Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu area is located on the European side of Istanbul and is considered the city's modern facade. There is a widespread of residential complexes in it, and there are many real estate projects that are still under construction. Among its advantages is that its properties are earthquake-resistant.

Its service package is varied / its view is charming / its infrastructure is developed, yet modest prices characterize its properties. Still, according to real estate experts, this matter will not last long as it is expected to rise remarkably in the future due to its great demand.

2- Silivri:

It is characterized by its rustic character that many people prefer, where the calm envelops its sides and nature spread everywhere; its real estate is cheap and, at the same time, high quality.

It is the right choice for villas with large areas and excellent design. What makes it suitable is that the Turkish government is working to provide it with public transportation lines for easy transportation to and from it.

-You can go to Kartal and Uskudar on the Asian side, and it is essential to realize that real estate located in the Asian side of Istanbul is less expensive than those Instead the European section.

-How to buy cheap real estate in Turkey?

1- At the outset and upon this desire, one should not rely on oneself in the search. Instead, a real estate agent with experience and extensive knowledge in this field should be sought, and no better than real estate companies to be sought, as it would provide the customer with the best real estate at the lowest prices.

2- It is also advised to stay away from the city centers and move towards the outskirts; some are advised to stay away from the main cities.

What is the benefit of buying cheap real estate in Turkey?

Save money for other projects.

They are benefiting from real estate to achieve goals, whether for housing or investment.

Cheap real estate in Turkey does not mean that it is of low quality.

Through it, it is possible to obtain a real estate residence permit that entitles its holder to reside legally in Turkey, as there are no conditions that must be met in the property to obtain it, which is similar to obtaining Turkish citizenship.

In conclusion, we can see that there is an opportunity to buy cheap real estate in Turkey, which has advantages; for many, it is an opportunity to seize.

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