How to find cheap apartments on the Bosphorus

How to find cheap apartments on the Bosphorus

How to find cheap apartments on the Bosphorus
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Everyone is looking for an apartment with low financial value, or in other words, the occasion. When Turkey is chosen as an option for buying apartments and real estate, the first thing that comes to the buyer’s mind is Istanbul, as it is known to be a city of history, civilization, beauty, and a city of success and excellence, but what makes them stand for him is that Istanbul is known for its apartments The price is high, and here lies the dilemma, especially as it overlooks the seas and blue waters, and this rule does not apply only to Istanbul, but to every apartment that has a view of the sea, and the question here is, is it not possible to find cheap apartments at the same time overlooking the Bosphorus? The answer will be in the next article.


The most important paths that lead to getting an apartment overlooking the Bosphorus at an acceptable price:

1- You should look at the specifications of the apartment:

Usually, advice is given to the buyer to be careful about the specifications of the apartment he is about to choose, so he does not choose it with old decorations or with a small area, or that its infrastructure is not solid and its foundation is not good, but here we will reverse the rule. If the buyer wants to buy an apartment with a view of the Bosphorus at an acceptable price, he has to overlook many of these things that we mentioned, so it is okay if the apartment is not organized in a modern style or if it needs some modifications and maintenance.


2- An old-aged apartment should be chosen:

Also, one of the means that lead to obtaining an apartment located on the Bosphorus at a modest price. It is preferable to choose or search for an apartment of old age, that is, it is not new in order not to be high in price, but we may wonder about the difference between the two options, so what is the difference between apartments of old age and the same age the talk? The old apartment is worn out, meaning it needs maintenance.

3- It can be chosen far from the service centers:

The closer the apartment is to the service centers, the higher its price. It is possible to take advantage of knowing this point and to act oppositely. It can be chosen far from the centers from hospitals and educational institutions. The difference will be noticeable, and it shouldn't be within the properties that are located directly on the Bosphorus, so the properties that are located can be chosen Far from the front rows, the price will be lower.


4- You should look at the location of the apartment within the property:

Is the apartment located on the first floor or the last floor, the higher the floors, the lower the prices, and many people are not suited to live on the higher floors due to a certain health condition or the state of aging, so it is a nice opportunity to offer an apartment overlooking the Bosphorus water at a somewhat acceptable price.


5- If the apartment is subject to some problems or it is offered by public auction:

We must also realize that there must be an opportunity for apartments to be sold by public auction due to a seizure or mortgage problem. In this case, the price of the apartment will be simple and modest, or if the owner of the apartment is forced to sell it due to some circumstance or for a certain reason, in this case, the apartment will be of great value. Affordable price and at the same time the purpose of it has been achieved by living in an apartment directly overlooking the Bosphorus.


6- That the apartment is not very similar to the property:

But when choosing this option to find an apartment overlooking the Bosphorus, it must be fully known that there is a possibility that the owner of the apartment will be exposed to damage and his first goal in buying the apartment will not be achieved. Therefore, the positive and negative points should always be put in two bags and compared well. If the negative is likely, this means that The apartment is not trusted to take a risk.


-Why might some people search for apartments with Bosphorus view?

The reasons are many, and their goal remains one, which is to enjoy housing overlooking the pure blue waters, and if the owner wants to enter the real estate investment department and earn abundant profits, it is an excellent opportunity to reap a lot of sure profits, especially in the summer season when tourists flock to visit the Bosphorus and all the places that Surrounding him, this desire still dominates the minds of many, but is there a way to reach it in a way that matches their budgets. The following article presents the most important steps that can be taken to achieve this goal. Was it successful?


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