Investment Management Service


Real estate investment management

Deal Real Estate Company is always keen to provide successful investment plans and guaranteed results, through several primary conditions in reaching the ideal investment in Turkey, through a consulting team that has specialized in the Turkish real estate market for more than 10 years.

In Turkey, there are several types of real estate investments that we guarantee to manage correctly, the most important of which is the process of managing residential real estate (apartments), offices, student apartments, shops, villas, and lands of all kinds.

Our company can, through clear and guaranteed plans, by providing several primary conditions, achieve real profit, and among the primary conditions that we guarantee:

  • Renting the property or real estate for an extended period in a guaranteed manner
  • Finding the right tenant whose payment methods we guarantee
  • Ensure all legal matters related to the property
  • Preparing the necessary documents, collecting the monthly or annual returns, and depositing them in the client’s account through formal documented procedures
  • Periodic follow-up of the property and ensure that it does not need any repairs
  • Periodic communication with the client and confirmation of the condition of the property
  • An annual investment study that guarantees the achievement of profits with a high percentage of profit.