Conditions for obtaining permanent residency in Turkey

Get to know the conditions for obtaining permanent residency in Turkey and how to obtain it

Conditions for obtaining permanent residency in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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After visiting this country, many fall in love with it, but rather want to reside in it permanently, so how can you obtain permanent residence in Turkey.


1- Permanent residence in Turkey:

In order to obtain a permanent residence in Turkey, it is necessary for the foreign resident to have spent a period of eight consecutive years without any interruption between them within the Turkish territory, and in order to be able to pass this period, you must first obtain the so-called temporary residence In Turkey, whose forms and methods of obtaining it vary, but each one of them entitles its owner the right to enter Turkey and reside for a period of time that varies according to the type of temporary residence that he previously obtained, so it can be said that the first step in order to take the path of obtaining a residence Permanent residence in Turkey, or the so-called long-term residence in Turkey, is the acquisition of a type of temporary residence in Turkey, and we mention from these residency permits that allow you to enter Turkey in order to search for work and secure a livelihood from it, and also there is what is called study residency and To which students mostly apply to pursue their educational attainment in one of the universities or schools in Turkey, whether governmental or private. We also mention real estate residence, which is the preferred option for foreign investors who consider it two birds with one stone. After a property in Turkey, they get the opportunity to stay in it.


2- Conditions that must be applied to obtain permanent residence in Turkey:

Obtaining a permanent residence in Turkey is a more complicated and difficult matter compared to obtaining a temporary residence, as there are a set of special conditions that must be observed and applied strictly in order to ensure approval of the application for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey and according to the law. 

Turkish permanent residence is granted to every foreign resident who has completed eight consecutive years without interruption in Turkey, and the eight years are counted without interruption, as half of the study stay is calculated, while the duration of other residency is calculated in full and the person who He desires to obtain permanent residence in Turkey, to have permanent and regular work that secures him the full cost of his living in Turkey, and to be able to cover the costs and expenses of his family as well, and therefore he must provide proof that he has not benefited from any social assistance during the period The last three years of his stay in Turkey, and he must possess health insurance that he and his family cover, and that it be of valid validity, and the foreign resident must be required that he is not considered a threat to safety, order, and law in the country. To country.


3- Advantages of obtaining permanent residence in Turkey:

Permanent residence in Turkey cannot be granted to those who have obtained a temporary residence of humanitarian residence type or subsidiary protection as well as temporary protection.

Those who have already obtained permanent residency, they are considered Turkish citizens. They are entitled to all the rights granted to them except for some rights that are considered exclusive to holders of Turkish citizenship, such as the right to run for office, the right to vote, or the possibility to obtain a job in state departments and import cars, but in return, no The holder of permanent residence in Turkey is obligated to perform military service in the country, unlike the Turks, and of course, he is entitled to retain all of his acquired rights and those related to insurance.


4- Documents necessary to obtain permanent residence in Turkey:

The official papers that must be submitted to obtain permanent residency include:

- Residence permit application form
- Your passport and a certified copy
- Show the document proving that you have obtained temporary residence in Turkey
- With two personal photos, the size of which should be equal to the photos you use for the passport
- And documents must be submitted confirming that you have not benefited from any social assistance in the last three years of your stay in Turkey
- With the submission of proof that shows your income and your financial resources
- And of course, health insurance documents and an application for permanent residence with mentioning your current residence address.


5- Reasons for refusing permanent residence in Turkey:

The granting of permanent residency or its withdrawal will be refused if you previously owned it when you performed any act that violated the conditions that you pledged to commit to obtaining it, i.e. considered the foreign resident as a threat to security or your departure from Turkish territory for a period exceeding one year without interruption except for health cases, education and Military service in the native country.



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