A boom in the Turkish real estate market in 2022

The Turkish real estate market is today one of the strongest and best markets in the world

A boom in the Turkish real estate market in 2022
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Today, the Turkish real estate market is one of the strongest and best markets worldwide because of its diverse opportunities and profitable returns. Despite the fluctuation of the Turkish lira against the US dollar, Turkey will be on the verge of a boom in the real estate market.



How does Turkey's movement of different civilizations and cultures help attract foreigners?

The Turkish government is working to provide many legal and investment facilities, from discounts and tax exemptions to foreigners in the real estate market. Therefore, Turkey has become an attractive market that embraces investors' ideas to build various commercial projects.

The panel of cultural backgrounds and the widespread Arab communities in most of Turkey's cities, especially Istanbul, contributed to the Turkish government's desire to provide a thriving investment environment, making the country an ideal choice, whether for stability, investment, investment, or even both directions.

According to the statistics for 2021, we see that apartments received the largest share of sales, as a total of nearly 3 million properties were sold. The purchase shares were distributed between Iranian and Arab investors, which gives a great indication that demand is still high in the real estate market, especially with the government's new economic plan. Turkish in 2022



Always available opportunities

Construction companies are still constructing many complexes and apartments, which has made Turkey rich in various real estate opportunities, providing various options for investors. The willingness to buy is a virtue and distinction that other countries do not provide, as the options are not limited to the property payment methods in cash. And in installments, which paves the way for the investor to have a smooth path from confusion to a decision. 



Incentive laws effective in 2022

The Turkish state's incentive strategy is one of the most critical factors in attracting foreign capital. This is because the Turkish economy has solid bases and institutional foundations. But, of course, foreign investment occupies an important place in the Turkish economy. Therefore, the Turkish government has affected the Turkish real estate market with many encouraging incentives in the past periods, the most important of which are:

Turkish Nationality

There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, as everyone knows, including depositing an amount of 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank for a certain period or buying a property or more with a value of 250 thousand dollars without selling it before three years have passed, we add to this the entitlement of a family The investor also obtains Turkish citizenship.
Many may ask about the advantages of the Turkish passport, which includes many temptations, including allowing entry to 121 countries without a visa, the ability to hold two different nationalities, the right to medical care, and free education for the family for life.


Real estate residence

Regardless of the value of the property, the investor has the right to obtain a real estate residency after purchasing a residential apartment or property in Turkey, the period starting from 6 months and up to 3 years, subject to renewal with proof of the existence of the title deed "Tabu" during the interview.



All these indicators reformulate the real estate market in Turkey in 2022 before it began, as the Turkish Statistics Authority indicated that foreign sales of Turkey apartments increased by 39% worldwide in 2021. Again, Iraqis topped the real estate scene by purchasing more than 7 thousand homes, while Kuwaitis came second with A home.
Except though real estate prices may have increased with the rise and fall of the Turkish lira. Still, it also opened up room and margin for profit under the umbrella of a successful real estate investment, and despite the challenges, buyers can take steps to increase their odds of success. Carrying a solid list of features they can't live without, so they can be decisive and move quickly when they find the right home.

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