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Learn about the best way to invest your money in Turkish real estate and the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey .

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Last update 20-12-2022
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Real estate investment is one of the most profitable types of investments, which made it one of the most common economic activities among people in general. Commercial activity in it is not limited to professionals and experts only, but anyone can practice that investment in order to increase income in a safe and stable manner. Some points that can help a successful start-up in the real estate investment business for beginners.

Real estate investment is divided into two types according to the time and time of investment, namely:

1. Long-term: It aims at owning land, housing units, or real estate whose value is expected to increase in the following years, or for these properties to be operated to bring in fixed income by renting or operating them.
2. Short-term: the process of selling the real estate directly after its acquisition and improvements to it. This is considered a form of investment speculation.

And for a successful real estate investment:

• Investing in an area close to work or housing, in order to ensure that its nature is accurately known and the condition of real estate in it, and the degree of price increase in it is anticipated. This is a very important feature to ensure success in the case of investment for the first time.
• Investing in new areas whose population is expected to increase rapidly, and there are many examples of new cities and areas that have been reconstructed very quickly, and the value of real estate in them has increased to more than five times its price, and whatever the status of the building in question, the return from selling it will cover the expenses Spending on it in the event that the investor decides to spend, and even prefers to buy old buildings in order to obtain good prices.
• Get advice from experts and craftsmen working in the construction and contracting fields when considering buying an existing property; As it is risky to invest in building a property with problems in construction or utility systems.
• Obtaining support in the real estate marketing process; As good marketing of real estate naturally leads to the completion of excellent deals in case of sale.


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