Everything related to home decoration in Turkey

Everything related to home decoration in Turkey and their types

Everything related to home decoration in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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No doubt buying a property in Turkey has become a demand and dream for many people, and that is due to the excellent reputation that characterizes the real estate market in Turkey, as it succeeded in achieving great successes during the last period at all levels. Turkey's real estate prices increased due to modernity and The technology that has been adopted in homes and apartments. However, it is still less than in other European countries, which attracted the attention of investors worldwide to establish more real estate investment projects.

And in case you are looking for an apartment for sale in Turkey, one of the most important things is choosing the decoration for the apartment, which plays a significant role in showing the taste and nature of the property owner. In this article, we will talk more about the types of decorations for real estate in Turkey.


Types of decorations in Turkey's homes:

There are many types and styles of décor in Turkey real estate that suit all tastes, and below we will mention the most critical and common:

Classic Decoration:

When mentioning the word classic, we are referring to the English and French decoration style, which was prevalent in the Middle Ages and is still popular in many homes.

Looking at the English style of the decorations, we will notice the significant dependence on simplicity and streamlining in the pieces and furniture, as there are many engravings of roses and nature, which give a warm atmosphere to the property with an emphasis on the proportionality of shapes and sizes to be comfortable to look at. Exaggeration with accessories and colors, but on the contrary, it focuses on simple handmade designs and traditional embroideries with golden threads, which blend and harmonize to give an atmosphere of calm and elegance.

Moving to the French style of decoration, we will notice the significant difference from the English style, as this style is characterized by luxury, sophistication, and exaggeration by using precious antique pieces and extravagant accessories that give an atmosphere of luxury to furniture and real estate in general, as for the colors on which the French decor depends Light colors ranging from beige to pink and light green as the French prefer fabric walls and the introduction of large mirrors and metals in the furniture.


Retro and retro style in decor:

This decoration style was adopted during the fifth and sixth decades of the twentieth century. Upon observing home decorations at that time, we will notice their bright, cheerful colors that give an atmosphere of happiness to the apartment. Furthermore, this style reflects remarkable sophistication and pleasant art by relying on unusual shapes for furniture with the introduction of metals in an innovative way.


Modern style of decoration:

Many people prefer to adopt modern forms and types of furniture, and this is what we mean by the modern style that began to spread after the industrial revolution in Europe, through which it moved away from traditional forms of furniture while abandoning old carvings and details and moving more towards comfort and simplicity. As the emergence of plain fabrics devoid of patterns and the adoption of different colors that were not previously used, such as white and black, and the introduction of metals and plastics in an innovative way to create pieces in strange and new shapes, as this type of decoration allowed for the explosion of energies and uniqueness in the way of dividing the property and choosing its furniture.


The transitional style of the decorations:

As its name indicates, it expresses the transitional phase between classicism and modernity. Therefore it included different pieces dating back to these two styles. Often we see that most apartments in Turkey depend on this style as it combines comfort and elegance simultaneously. You can modify it with all Ease to suit your taste and stay connected with everything new in the decoration world.


Country houses and their decorations:

The décor adopted in country houses is commensurate with the simple and comfortable lifestyle, as it avoids sophistication and intricate details and adopts simple, comfortable pieces characterized by pleasant warm colors that match the rural atmosphere.


Factors that affect the choice of decoration for an apartment in Turkey:

The area of ​​the property is one of the most important influencing factors, as it is not correct to use large pieces of furniture within a small apartment. On the contrary, large areas cannot be left without furniture in apartments with large areas.
The property's location in Turkey dramatically influences the choice of its decoration, as the decoration must be in harmony with the general atmosphere to ensure comfort and stability.
In the event that there are children, the residents' ages are kept away from sharp corners, light colors, and strange shapes that may disturb the child and cause him harm.


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