Residence Permits In Turkey

Types of residence permits In Turkey

Residence Permits In Turkey
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Traveling to Turkey has recently become an exciting topic. It comes at the forefront of the concerns of many who are looking for opportunities for work, study, or even tourism, thanks to the combination of several factors that include Turkey's geostrategic location and the development of the Turkish economy in addition to The interest of the Turkish government in attracting more expatriates to it for real estate investment in Turkey. With the multiple reasons for the desire to arrive in Turkey, this had to be accompanied by the diversity of types of residency that they would obtain to enter Turkey.

Types of residency in Turkey:

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Tourist residence permit in Turkey:

Obtaining a tourist residency in Turkey requires applying to the Immigration and Passports Department, which can be done comfortably through this department's website. If the granting of tourist residency is approved, the individual gets a period estimated at one year during which he is allowed To stay in Turkey. Obtaining this type of residence usually requires a set of official papers that include a rental contract for a property in Turkey, which the individual will reside during his stay in Turkish territory, in addition to sending a translated copy into Turkish of the individual's passport and needs This passport is subject to attestation by the notary or notary, and both the health insurance document and the tax number are added to the documents. The tax number can be obtained from any tax department whose branches are spread over various provinces and cities of Turkey. It does not require obtaining more than A period of thirty minutes, which is considered necessary for any newcomer entering Turkish territory. Of course, you will need four personal photos to obtain a tourist residence in Turkey.


Study residency in Turkey:

It can be predicted from the name that this type of residency is intended for individuals wishing to complete their education in Turkey, and this includes various stages of education, not only university education, but according to statistics, it is noticed that the majority of applicants applying for an academic residence in Turkey wish to study within one of the Turkish universities As for the documents necessary to obtain residency, they include four personal photos, a passport translated into the Turkish language and certified by a notary, a property lease contract in Turkey to prove the place of residence during the study period, the health insurance document, and of course the tax number. In addition, this residency needs to present a paper called proof of a student, that is, through which it proves the goal of coming to Turkey, which in this case is to pursue a university education. This paper must be officially certified by the university where the study will be completed.


Work permit in Turkey:

This residence is granted to every foreign person who comes to Turkey to work in a Turkish company, as obtaining a work permit in Turkey requires that the company responsible for employing these individuals must obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor for all foreign employees working for it and then the company can submit a request To obtain a work permit for him.

And the work permit in Turkey does not differ from the previous residence permits in terms of the official papers necessary for them. Still, in addition to those above, the requirement for the employing company to provide a job opportunity to five Turkish citizens for every foreign employee brings, in addition to the fact that this foreign employee must have a tourist residency as a condition to apply for a work residency. After fulfilling all the conditions for residency, it is usually issued within forty days from the date of application.

The work permit in Turkey is distinguished by the fact that the bearer, whether male or female, obtains a residence permit for his entire family from a husband or wife, as well as children, to stay in Turkey. Family members' residence period is identical to the period of work residency obtained by the head of the family.

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Humanitarian residence in Turkey:

This type of residency is unique to humanitarian cases, such as those arriving from areas of conflict and security or political instability. Humanitarian residency is not canceled except if the reasons that qualify for obtaining it are removed in the first place, i.e., the conditions stabilized in the original home of these arrivals.


Real estate residence permit in Turkey:

This residence is one year, but it is renewable, and the real estate residence permit is granted to foreigners who buy a property in Turkey. This residence is similar to the work permit, as family members can also obtain a residence in Turkey. Its duration is also equal to the period of the unique residency—the head of the family.

Family residence permit in Turkey:

To obtain this residence, the applicant must marry a citizen or a citizen holding Turkish citizenship. The period for family residency in Turkey varies. It may be one or two years, and sometimes its period may reach three years. After three years have passed from obtaining the family residency, it becomes possible for the individual to apply for Turkish citizenship.


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