Villas for sale in Istanbul 2021 - 2022

Villas for sale in Istanbul, you can find prestigious and attractive options for your budget and living standards.

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Villas for sale in Istanbul, you can find prestigious and attractive options for your budget and living standards. In addition to luxurious villas for sale, you can choose one of the affordable, superb, and outstanding villa that suits you and your living style and budget.

You can find a villa in Istanbul that will add value to your life with special payment options and amazing villa options for different living conditions. Send your contact information to our expert sales consultants through the form

Villas for sale in Istanbul

Looking for villas for sale in Istanbul!

Villas usually provide a special lifestyle by providing private pools and gardens, and they also have a special design by famous developers.

There are also villa projects that provide special services to add value to your social life with many privileges.

Villa in Istanbul clearly offers large areas and provides a special standard of living full of social facilities. Moreover, suitable prices are available for everyone, and you do not have to pay high amounts, especially in Istanbul.

When you decide to settle in Istanbul, there are things that you should pay attention to when buying a villa in Istanbul, such as the location of the villa, is it the city center or far from downtown, is it with a view of the sea or without a sea view.


Discover villas in different regions

Your budget is the most important factor in the selection process, there are many options always available, so you must determine your standard of living in Istanbul. After that, we guarantee that you will find the appropriate option that fits your budget, and you may not need to be far from the city center

The rapid development in property development in Istanbul has made a large number of areas interested in meeting the option of villas, so the place and the region determine the price of the villa, for example, the further away from Bosphorus, the price will be lower on both sides, the European side of Istanbul and the Asian side, where The two sides of the city provide conditions for social and cultural life almost equally, there are central areas such as Sariyer, Emirgan, Tarabya, Uskudar, and Ortakoy

bosphore villas

You may need to stay away from the central places near the city center, you can find many options in areas such as Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, Şile, Buyukcekmece. These areas are small cities that have been developed in the last 15 years and are favored by many foreign investors. There are also many options for apartments for sale in Istanbul available in these areas if you want to see them.

Are Villas expensive in Istanbul?

The concept of luxury is being improved daily in Istanbul in all the affordable villa options by many real estate developers and famous construction companies in Turkey.

It is healthy to say that the further away from the city center you will see a difference in terms of villa prices, but if you are looking for renovated Ottoman mansions on the Bosphorus views coast, you will have to pay a very big 7 zeros

villa for sale in istanbul

The perfect villas in Istanbul

Do you consider the villa having a view of the garden as the ideal villa among the villa? How about an ultra luxury room with a private swimming pool?

We guarantee to find the villa that fits your living conditions, expectations, and budget, select the main features and let our expert sales consultants create a complete idea of your ambitions! You can also search for a detached villa with an Olympic swimming pool, also with a sauna and tennis courts, or a private garden, and do not forget the option to pay in installments, as this greatly helps in achieving your ambition quickly.

Villas in Istanbul with private garden and Swimming pool

First of all, if you are having specific requests to own Villa for sale in Istanbul, Deal real estate can help you, but do you prefer to have villas with private pools a priority? Also, the option of a villa with a view of the sea or the forest. These are questioning whose answers must be ready in order to help our consultants determine the right option for you. There are a very large number of options available in Istanbul that suit everyone in terms of specifications and prices.

The city of Istanbul is considered one of the most important major cities in Turkey, because of its components and factors that make it the economic and tourist center in the country. Istanbul is known for its ancient, beautiful, and heart-capturing charm. It is considered the favorite destination for all tourists who flock to Turkey Every year, by the thousands.

In addition, the city of Istanbul is the first investment destination for those wishing to buy a property in Turkey, thanks to the aesthetic features that it possesses on the one hand, and its vitality and active and continuous movement on the other hand, and it is not only for investors who want to buy a house in Istanbul or Buying an apartment in Istanbul only, but we find those who are looking for luxury real estate in Istanbul, especially villas, which is the preferred choice for foreign investors with high incomes such as businessmen and capital owners because they are looking for a distinguished residence option that is not limited to On cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, quite the opposite

Villas in Istanbul European side

Villa for sale in Istanbul European side

And the first option that is resorted to in search of villas is the European part of Istanbul because this part of the city is considered the most prestigious and has modern and distinctive services. It is a gathering of luxury Turkish real estate and the first refuge for those wishing to buy property in Turkey for settle down and stability in a quiet and beautiful place, as each of the many areas suitable for buying property in Turkey within the city of Istanbul has distinctive characteristics from the rest, and this is evident through the general character that prevails in the region and its location And the type of business that is practiced in it. For example, the Zeytinburnu area in Istanbul is famous for being a commercial area, especially the clothing and textile trade, although it is located in the European part of the city, it is not the right destination when you want to buy a property in Istanbul or Even buying a luxury apartment in Istanbul, such as villa, is usually the destination when looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul because they have regular residential buildings or residential complexes in the Zeytinburnu area that do not include any urban projects for Villa When talking about the best places for a villa for sale in Istanbul, the European side, we mention the following areas in Istanbul that are suitable for buying a high-class property in Turkey:

Silivri district

The Silivri district is located in the European section of Istanbul, to the west of Buyukcekmece Lake and the municipality to which it belongs. The Silivri district is known for its enchanting beauty and dazzling green nature. What distinguishes the Silivri district from other municipalities in the European part of Istanbul is the environment Its own, which constitutes an ideal mix between the characteristics of the countryside and the characteristics of the city at the same time, and what distinguishes the Silivri area is the presence of villa in it, which provides its residents with the luxury of living in luxury villas with stunning sea views on the coast of the Marmara Sea and at the same time an opportunity Enjoying the views of the beautiful green orchards, which makes the atmosphere of the Silivri area of ​​a calm and serene character that is absent from most parts of Istanbul that never sleeps. Therefore, we find that investors who want to buy a luxury property in Istanbul and are interested in peace resort to the Silvery area as a first option When looking for a villa in Istanbul, as we said, they are well-known and famous for their spacious villas that spread along the coastline of the Marmara Sea. Next to it, we find the elegant country houses that new investors flock to in Katta. Real estate in Turkey thanks to the acceptable prices offered by Turkey real estate in the Silivri area.

Catalca district

The Catalca district is located to the west of the famous Buyukcekmece Lake to form one of the famous areas in the European part of Istanbul. The Catalca district is known as a rural area and is characterized by vast green spaces that extend to the eye and beautiful orchards, and it is the favorite place for all hobby lovers Horse breeding and riding, where we find many horse farms, and access from the Catalca area to the center of Istanbul requires a distance of approximately sixty kilometers. The Çatalca region includes the Arnavutkoy region, the Büyükçekmece region, and the Silivri region, in addition to the city of Tekirdağ, which is adjacent to it at the western end of it, while the northern part of the Çatlıca region covers the Black Sea and its long coastline, which extends over a large part of it.

located in the Catalca district, are what lovers of nature and rural life are looking for. They have a villa for sale in Istanbul with a lovely rural character, as the Catalca district villas are classified as a realistic experience of living in the lap of green nature and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. And clean, away from the congestion and bustle of the vibrant city center of Istanbul, which is witnessing a continuous movement.

Arnavutkoy area

Arnavutkoy is one of the areas that have a promising investment future, according to experts' expectations.

And the Arnavutkoy region is located next to the Black Sea in the northwest of Istanbul, to the north of the municipality of Basaksehir. What makes the Arnavutkoy municipality one of the famous areas in Istanbul in the presence of the largest airport in the world, which is the new Istanbul Airport Which is considered one of the most important destinations for air transport at all, thanks to the connections it makes to most countries of the world in the East and West.

Arnavutkoy is also famous for villas thanks to the well-known Belgrade forests, which occupy a large part of the municipality of Arnavutkoy, which contributes to making the villas in them very attractive to investors who are looking for villa for sale in Istanbul with special features and enjoy the embrace of green nature and at the same time have prices appropriate and reasonable.

Villas for sale in Istanbul with sea view

Villas with sea view

What distinguishes Istanbul from other major cities in Turkey is that it consists of two parts separated by the Bosphorus Strait and is almost surrounded on various sides by the sea, which provides ideal places for a villa on the sea thanks to these charming views of the water Zarqa and the most important areas in which to search for a villa for sale in Istanbul by the sea are many, and each of them has special features and is considered a preferred destination for investors in Turkey's real estate because it is within the city of Istanbul itself.

Beylikduzu district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Beylikduzu is considered one of the most important destinations for searching for a villa on the sea, thanks to the long coastline that extends over a distance of thirteen kilometers in it. This huge coastline provides an abundance of charming sea views over it and the Bay of Buyukcekmece. Beylikdüzü, and specifically the coastal section of it, is considered the headquarters of many neighborhoods and high-end areas, as many Istanbul real estate projects are spread along with it, especially villa for sale on the sea, which made it one of the most competitive areas in the real estate market in Turkey thanks to the demand High on villas, and the Beylikdüzü area owns a wide range of modern villa.

Uskudar district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Uskudar is the first destination when looking for a villa for sale on the sea in the Asian part of Istanbul. With sea views of the Bosphorus, it is an important investment area in the real estate sector in Turkey.

The Uskudar area is located in the far western side of Istanbul on the shoulder of the vital Bosphorus Canal, which is considered a fertile ground for the most successful and most important real estate investments in Turkey, especially the villa sector for sale in Istanbul on the sea. The great importance that Istanbul real estate enjoys in the Uskudar area is due to the beauty The exceptional character of this area, so it is noted that the special investment value of real estate within the Uskudar area is higher compared to the rest of real estate prices in Istanbul, which raises the demand for them more and more, and we find that there is high competition for them, especially by VIPs and investors. Those who are looking for a luxury villa in Istanbul with the highest standards of sophistication and the most important thing is the availability of a picturesque sea view in the Uskudar area characterized by the view of the Bosphorus on the one hand and the Marmara Sea as well, which provides a nice green environment and is also very close From the European side of Istanbul.

The most important feature of Istanbul real estate in the Uskudar area is that it is close to the city center, as the area is connected with the center through the July 15th Martyrs Bridge, which crosses over the Bosphorus Strait. This bridge is characterized by the fact that the Eurasia Water Tunnel is located under it, as well as the Marmaray metro line. In the region and spread in the waters overlooked by sea ferries, which constitute one of the most preferred destinations for tourists in Istanbul.

Prices of villas in Istanbul:

The most important characteristic of Istanbul real estate is that, despite the high quality it enjoys, its prices are very reasonable, and not even considered low compared to real estate prices in various other European cities, so we find that the flock to buy property in Turkey, especially Istanbul real estate, has It has recently become the first line taken by foreign investors, and it is often the choice of buying an apartment in Istanbul, but with that, we find that the demand for buying a villa is also high, and when you want to buy a villa for sale in Istanbul Knowing the factors that determine the prices of the villa in Istanbul is very important

The location and size of the villa:

The location of the property in Turkey is the most important factor in determining its price, as the villa that is located in vital areas or one of the areas that are known to be high-end and with advanced services and infrastructure will be more expensive because the demand for them in return will be higher and the area The villa, its design, and its internal and external cladding play a major role in its high price. The large area means more square meters. The prices of the villa in Istanbul are calculated according to the price per square meter in the area in which the property is located, and the quality and quality of materials and cladding used In the villa determines the low or high value.

Owning the villa with a sea view:

The view that property in Turkey has is a vital factor in its high price, like real estate, regardless of its type, that overlooks the sea are considered luxury real estate, and therefore its price is significantly higher compared to real estate prices in Turkey that do not have a sea view villa. Therefore, owning in Istanbul a sea view villa certainly means its high value and high demand.

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