Lilium Bahce

Luxury Villas in Başakşehir: Experience Bliss at Lilyum Bahçe

Lilium BahceLilium BahceLilium BahceLilium BahceLilium BahceLilium BahceLilium BahceLilium BahceLilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
Lilium Bahce
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Istanbul European, Basaksehir


1,230,000 usd



Area Details - Basaksehir

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Social Status

Married : 60%

Unmarried : 40%

105 Km2

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Lilium Bahce  Details

Lilium Bahçe is a luxurious villa project located in the heart of Başakşehir, the new capital of Istanbul. This project combines modernity and luxury, making it the perfect choice for living and investment.

Project Information:

  • Project Area: 22,780 square meters
  • Total Buildings: 5 buildings
  • Total Apartments: 133 apartments
  • Apartment Types: 1+3 / 1+4 / 1+3 Duplex
  • Total Villas: 25 villas

Location Information:

The location of Lilium Bahçe is strategically close to Istanbul International Airport, just a 20-minute drive away, providing convenience and easy access for travelers. 

Additionally, its proximity to the TEM highway and the fast Kuzey Marmara highway allows residents to easily commute to various areas of Istanbul.

Moreover, the strategic location of the project provides quick access to major hospitals and shopping centers, with a short distance of approximately 10 minutes to hospitals and 15 minutes to Istanbul Mall. 

Istanbul Metro is also only a 5-minute drive from the project, offering residents a convenient and accessible mode of transportation throughout the city.




Away from


300 m

City Center

20 Km


2 Km


100 m


2 Km


1 Km


20 Km

Tem Highway

5 Km

Payment Method & Prices

Number of roomsMin SpaceMin Price
4 + 1 Villa roi
507 m² 1,230,000 usd
Last update 30-03-2024
50% Down Payment

Monthly Payment For 24 Month .

Why  Lilium Bahce

Nestled in the heart of Başakşehir, one of Istanbul's most prestigious and rapidly developing districts, lies a project that epitomizes luxury living and investment potential. Başakşehir has emerged as a beacon for real estate enthusiasts, offering a blend of modern infrastructure, green spaces, and strategic location that sets it apart from other areas in Istanbul.


Başakşehir, once a suburban area, has undergone remarkable growth in the past decade, attracting investors with its success in real estate and infrastructure development. Our project, strategically located in Başakşehir, boasts proximity to Millet Bahce Park, Istanbul's largest botanical garden, and offers easy access to transportation and essential amenities.

Proximity to Millet Bahce Park

- Description of Millet Bahce Park: Millet Bahce Park is a sprawling botanical garden renowned for its beauty and tranquility.

- Benefits of being close to a botanical garden: Residents enjoy the serenity and fresh air provided by the park, enhancing their quality of life.

- Access to green spaces for residents: Proximity to the park ensures residents have easy access to green spaces for leisure activities and relaxation.

Transportation Facilities

- Accessibility to metro lines: The project is conveniently located near metro lines, facilitating easy commuting for residents.

- Distance from major transportation hubs: With proximity to transportation hubs, residents enjoy seamless connectivity to other parts of Istanbul.

- Convenience for residents in commuting: The project's location ensures convenience for residents in traveling to work or exploring the city.

Project Features

24/7 Security

  • Advanced security systems ensure the safety of residents round the clock.

Dedicated Parking Spaces

  • Ample parking spaces are provided for residents and guests, ensuring convenience and safety.

Green Spaces and Recreational Areas

  • The project boasts beautiful green spaces that create a vibrant and refreshing environment for residents.

Walking Trails and Promenades

  • Residents can enjoy leisurely walks along well-maintained trails and promenades surrounding the project.

Ornamental Ponds

  • Ornamental ponds add aesthetic value to the project, providing a sense of tranquility and beauty.

Children's Playgrounds and Basketball Court

  • Dedicated spaces for children's play and sports activities promote a healthy and active lifestyle for residents.

Investment Potential

Başakşehir's growing real estate market presents lucrative opportunities for investors. The project's security, amenities, and location make it an attractive option for those seeking high returns on investment.

Quality of Life

Başakşehir offers residents a high quality of life, with vibrant communities, top-notch educational and healthcare facilities, diverse shopping and entertainment options, and a rich cultural scene.



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