Required documents to own real estate in Turkey

Learn about the required documents to own real estate in Turkey

Required documents to own real estate in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The real estate market in Turkey has a lot of advantages that make it a preferred option by foreign investors who buy a property in Turkey for various purposes, including entering the real estate investment sector and some other ones to settle and reside in Turkey and the reason is to choose Turkey real estate without others. This is because of the great diversity that it offers to investors in the available options, as real estate in Turkey is diverse and includes various forms of residential real estate where you can find houses for sale in Turkey, apartments for sale in Turkey, villas, and luxury palaces in addition to commercial real estate from shops and offices Which is an ideal choice for real estate investment, in addition to the fact that the process of buying a property in Turkey is straightforward, easy and not complicated.


Foreign investors and owning real estate in Turkey:

In the past, the ownership of a real estate by foreigners in Turkey was subject to the law and the principle of reciprocity, the interpretation of which is to allow the ownership of real estate only by foreign citizens whose country, in turn, allows the owner of the real estate in its lands by Turkish citizens, but that changed after amendments were introduced to the law on ownership. Real estate by foreigners in 2012, and these amendments are due to the economic crisis that struck the real estate and construction sector in Turkey, as well as the urgent need by the Turkish economy to pump foreign funds and investments into the real estate market and sector in Turkey. Therefore, a foreigner to buy and own real estate in Turkey, but this amendment was not the case in some cases, as an exception was made after countries that were not on good terms concerning their diplomatic relations with Turkey, and these countries are North Korea, Armenia, Cuba, as well as Nigeria.


The papers necessary to buy real estate in Turkey:

Tax number in Turkey:

Obtaining a tax number by foreign expatriates to Turkey is the most essential and t step to buying real estate in Turkey. You complete any legal or official transaction without carrying your tax number as a foreign person.

And the tax number is a unique number that every foreign person gets in Turkey because it is a necessary condition to complete any legal or official transaction, and opening a bank account in any of the Turkish banks also requires possession of a tax number.

The process of obtaining a tax number in Turkey does not require any hardship or complications, and obtaining it is accessible without paying any additional dues. You can apply to obtain the tax number from any tax department in Turkey that has branches in various cities and Turkish regions. The process of obtaining the number will not take more than thirty minutes.


The necessary papers to obtain a tax number in Turkey:

Obtaining the tax number in Turkey requires applying to the Tax Department with a set of official papers that include both copies of your passport, which must be not expired, and you must submit a lease or purchase contract confirming your place of residence in Turkey and after So, she goes to the tax department and chooses a specialized employee to present the papers to

And this employee works on entering the information in the official papers that you have submitted to the tax department database and submits a sheet with a set of information, including your tax number.

Turkey allows holders of Arab nationality from Saudis, Iraqis, Emiratis, and Egyptians, as well as Jordanians, Kuwaitis, Qataris, and Lebanese, as well as Algerians and Libyans, the opportunity to obtain a tax number if they possess a valid passport and an address to reside in Turkey without the need for residency. Tourist or work and study residence.


Obtaining the approval of a notary public in Turkey:

The Notre or Notary is a non-governmental institution. Still, it performs on behalf of the Turkish government and the Ministry of Justice the task of certifying official documents and documents and then entering them into the electronic system of the government and the ministry, meaning that the Notary is the witness who proves the authenticity of the official papers with the recognition of the government and therefore not accepted Unauthenticated document.

And it is possible to certify violating the types of official papers with Notre, including those necessary to buy real estates in Turkey, such as a copy of the passport, a copy of the identity card, a bank account, and personal photos.

These papers must be valid, as the official papers have a specific period in which they are allowed to be used from the date of their issuance and are considered null after their expiration. Still, the renewal of the papers is not a problematic issue as it is less expensive than their first issuance and can be renewed by the Notary. In addition, any document used to buy real estate in Turkey must be fully translated into Turkish by a sworn translator and then be certified by the Notary.


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