Houses for sale in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for investors from all over the world, especially when we are looking for houses for sale in Turkey.

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Last update 11-09-2022
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Houses For Sale In Turkey

Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for investors from all over the world, especially when we are looking for houses for sale in Turkey

This option is increasingly sought after day by day, due to the increasing investment opportunities in Turkey, which makes it easy for all people looking for a secured investment. 

Also, the option of homes in Turkey will be suitable for people who are looking to settle in Turkey with their families, within an environment that resembles them and meets their needs.

With the real estate market in Turkey acquiring a high value compared to neighboring countries, Turkey has provided wide options that meet the needs of everyone, such as:

Villas for sale in Turkey

Apartments for sale in Turkey

Offices for sale in Turkey

houses for sale in turkey

Houses for sale in Turkey, which has taken a large place in the tourism sector globally and are considered a destination for a large number of tourists around the world, who are interested in the vast tourist areas as well as forests, monuments, and museums, then searching for houses in Turkey will be a suitable option for those looking to invest with comfort and stability.


With the increasing turnout of investors from all over the world, especially in the field of investment in Turkey, the Turkish government's decisions, the largest of which is the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying one or more properties, contributed. 

It was a major turning point in the increase in real estate purchases in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

Advantages of living in Istanbul

  1. The great interest that the government attaches to the city of Istanbul, as it is considered the face of the country, and as a result, many projects are being undertaken to improve areas, add services and develop public facilities.
  2. The distinctive location of Istanbul overlooks the Ege sea and extends over the continents of Europe and Asia, and this gives it many features and benefits.
  3. With the many tourist sites that the city contains, and thus it is a destination for tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy its historical places and entertainment centers, and of course, this means more investment profits.
  4. The great diversity of nationalities and nationalities of the population in Istanbul, where many foreigners and Arabs are spread in the city in addition to the Turkish population and are what forms a harmonious mixture of people.
  5. The availability of a large number of job opportunities in various fields, as the labor market in Istanbul, includes a lot of options, whether in industry, agriculture, or trade so that everyone can get his opportunity.
house for sale in turkey

Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

Turkey has all the specifications desired by the investor who is looking for the option of guaranteed profit without any problems, and with the Turkish government’s contribution to ensuring obtaining Turkish citizenship for those investors, as well as its support for housing projects, projects were allocated with the guarantee of the Turkish government and this raised the level of reliability among foreign investors, and with There are multiple options for those looking for houses in Turkey. 

There are also various prices suitable for everyone, which makes your purchase of a property in Turkey easy, guaranteed, and smooth, and it meets your needs for stability or investment.

There are always wide choices in Turkey's real estate such as luxury villas, duplexes, penthouses, studio apartments, or apartments in towers. 

We advise you to think carefully before deciding to buy an apartment. Our consultants will help you in making the right choice.

Can foreigners buy houses in Turkey?

Turkish law explicitly allows all foreigners to buy any houses in Turkey, paying attention to the standards that should not be available in your property that you want to buy, as foreigners are not allowed to own property in a military area, and this depends on the real estate company you deal with if it has a good reputation. or not. 

Therefore, there are a large number of real estate sold to foreigners in Turkey illegally or fraudulently for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship in violation of the law that determines the value of the property that is evaluated by a specialized committee by the government, which has previously determined that the value of the property is 250.000 USD in exchange for Turkish Citizenship

house turkey

Things to pay attention to before buying a house in Turkey

The name of the property owner must be in the title deed and this is guaranteed by the lawyer you appoint or the lawyer of the real estate company you deal with, who helps you get all matters related to buying a property in Turkey such as tax number, opening a bank account, full information about ownership Also, procedures for residency or obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Prices start from 150.000 USD

After doing your own search for suitable houses all over Turkey, you may notice that prices vary differently between Turkish cities, but in Istanbul especially, there is a great possibility for properties prices to differ, and you can see the difference between one street and another, but you can rely on the idea of the starting prices which they are usually starting from 150.000 USD and at this price, good options can be obtained, and by communicating with our consulting team, you can inquire more about the available options.

Different prices for houses from one region to another

When you decide to buy a house in Istanbul turkey, you will need someone to guide you to the right path, and this requires a great effort by any real estate consultant who is an expert in real estate prices and in analyzing all your requests and according to your aspirations to start the process of searching for a property that meets your ambitions. 

Through our team, a clear picture will be provided about the prices of an apartment in Istanbul and about all the differences between the many and very wide areas in the city of Istanbul. 

Therefore, by communicating with our consultants, we will ensure that you get a complete and clear plan to meet your aspirations in the field of buying real estate for the purpose of investment or housing, as well as obtaining Turkish citizenship according to the law.

Best prices to guarantee the purchase of houses 

Deal real estate will provide you with a free real estate consultancy service and will help you choose the right apartments for your ambitions on the European side in Istanbul or on the Asian side. 

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, our consultants will help you get the best experience in offering ready-made or under-construction properties by many real estate developers

You will also get answers to all your questions on your mind, moreover, we will guarantee you an ideal residential or investment experience by providing the best options.

Steps to buying a house in Turkey

  • Submit a free consultation request with our specialized team
  • Request a virtual tour if you do not have the opportunity to come to Turkey
  • Determine the budget for buying an apartment in Turkey
  • Learn about the available options
  • Determine alternatives when necessary
  • Visiting the project or apartment
  • Submitting the necessary documents to confirm the contracts

What can Deal real estate offer you?

In our company, we are always keen to choose the best property for our customers and seek to satisfy all tastes through a variety of real estate projects in Turkey

Where we have a variety of apartments and units, such as:

Homes for sale with swimming pools, villas with sea views, offices, shops, student housing complexes, smart homes with panoramic views, lands for sale, and family-friendly projects in Turkey, so you should know how many square meters you will need.

We are distinguished by the fact that our projects have the best views of the city, as we provide all customers with various options of views such as projects with a charming sea view, and others overlooking forests and lush gardens, in addition to many projects in the center of Istanbul and the most vital areas

Deal Real estate harnesses all its capabilities and great experience in the field of real estate to provide all its clients with the best services and help investors, as well as those who want to buy houses in Turkey, to get the best options. 

Among the most important services we offer you:

  • Real estate rental and finding the right tenant.
  • Preparing all documents necessary for renting real estate and collecting monthly returns and depositing them in the client's account.
  • Paying attention to the property, following it up periodically, and making the necessary repairs so that it appears in its best appearance.
  • Maintaining regular contact with customers to inform them of all updates and developments on their properties.

Our company also provides legal advice services through a group of lawyers specializing in real estate affairs and Turkish citizenship. 

Our team is ready to answer all inquiries and questions that revolve around your mind and clarify all legal procedures and laws related to investment and buying houses in Turkey.

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