How to obtain a permit to modify apartments in Turkey

In order to make any modification to your apartment in Turkey, you need to obtain a license

How to obtain a permit to modify apartments in Turkey
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Your entry into the real estate sector in Turkey means entering a new world full of concepts, terms, and laws that you must know because you have become obliged to abide by and adhere to them during your stay in Turkey, and if you buy a residential property in Turkey, the most important things that You must be familiar with it and have information about its content, which is the permit to amend apartments in Turkey, as many people who buy a property in Turkey to reside and live in it want to make a set of amendments in it, but what they do not know is that Although you are the official owner of this apartment, you are not allowed to dispose of it in this regard on your own without referring to the municipality and that you need to obtain a permit to amend the apartment and by obtaining this license you will be able to dispose of your property. Your freedom and make all the amendments you want to it, and given the great importance that the process of obtaining an apartment amendment permit in Turkey occupies, you must know what it takes to extract it and the modifications that require you to own it.


Conditions and how to obtain a permit to modify apartments in Turkey:

The process of organizing and coordinating the conduct of business is a very important issue in Turkey and it is not allowed to do any work without permission or license, especially when it comes to real estate in Turkey, and based on this, a set of specific conditions have been set that must be fulfilled from To obtain a permit to modify apartments in Turkey, it can be said that these necessary conditions to be able to obtain an apartment amendment permit include that the modification that you want to introduce to your apartment conforms to the conditions that have already been set in the building plan in which it is located. The first time it has been planned and rebuilt, as you are not allowed to make any modification that may cause damage to the building in it or may cause technical problems or unplanned in advance, and obtaining a license to modify the apartment requires an additional condition, which is that any modification It may be entered into the apartment, it must be applied exclusively by the original owner of the apartment or by another person acting on his behalf, through his possession of a real estate agency and officially certified by the notary or his possession of a permit allowing him to make the modification that you want. In this apartment.


Types of modifications that require obtaining an apartment amendment permit in Turkey:

Many of the modifications that real estate owners in Turkey may want to introduce to their own apartments require obtaining a license to modify the apartment, and obtaining this license gives you the right to do all the modifications that you may want, such as combining a room with another room. Or that you remove the barriers between them to connect each other, and the amendments that require obtaining a permit to modify the apartment include the desire to enter the balconies inside to join them and turn them into part of the interior house to increase its area, as well as if you want to expand the windows or enlarge them as you are in If you want to completely or partially change a section in the apartment or the kitchen, you will need to obtain a permit to modify the apartment as well.


Modifications that do not need to obtain a permit to modify an apartment in Turkey:

Many real estate owners in Turkey, especially residential apartments, may want to know what they are entitled to dispose of in terms of modifications within the apartment without having to return to the municipality to obtain a license to amend the apartment, especially as they are official owners of it, especially if it is The modification that they want to make is not significant and certainly, it is permissible for you to make some types of modifications to your private apartment without a permit to modify the apartment, such as re-painting the walls in the apartment or changing the sewage pipes and some modifications to the sewage network. As well as the process of replacing floors or making simple adjustments such as repairs or alterations in electrical connections in the apartment, as well as repairs and modifications in the heating connections and water heating as well as all these simple modifications that do not include any change in the structure or design of the apartment is considered permissible and does not require Obtaining a permit to modify the apartment, but the owner of the apartment can do it on his own or with the help of a technician expert in this field.



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