Reasons pushing the Arabs to invest in real estate in Turkey

Reasons pushing the Arabs to invest in real estate in Turkey

Reasons pushing the Arabs to invest in real estate in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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As it is known, Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and visitors from all over the world go to it for tourism. As a result, Turkey is ranked seventh worldwide as the most attractive country for tourists.

But Turkey was not satisfied with that, but instead expanded in all types of investment to attract capital and achieve its economic renaissance as it was able to achieve remarkable successes in the health sector, education, trade, and others, and the real estate sector in Turkey had a large share of success as the real estate market flourished. Significantly attracted many investors, and the Arabs had the largest share in that, as they set up many real estate investment projects in Turkey, but why Turkey without others? And what encourages real estate investment in Turkey?


Factors that encouraged Arabs to invest in real estate in Turkey:

The distinctive location that Turkey enjoys:
Turkey has one of the best locations in the world as it mediates the region between the two continents of Asia and Europe, the two most essential continents in the world, in addition to its proximity to the countries of the Middle East, and this has had a significant role in improving its trade relations with neighboring countries and concluding many agreements that greatly facilitate Investing in Turkey. Moreover, because it is close to Arab countries, many Arabs prefer to go to Turkey instead of American or European countries.


Strong Turkish economy:
The region, in general, has been exposed to many surprises and pressures. Still, despite this, the Turkish economy has been able to withstand the winds of change, maintain its position, and even progress and achieve profits.

According to statistics and studies, the Turkish economy has achieved significant growth during these years, as it could triple its profits within ten years. Moreover, this profit is expected to continue and increase in the coming years.

The success included all economic sectors from agriculture, industry, and trade, as Turkey is a fertile and suitable land for all investment forms. In addition, the real estate sector in Turkey also managed to develop and had a large share of this success.


Climate and charming terrain in Turkey:
Thanks to Turkey's prominent location and proximity to several seas, it often has a pleasant Mediterranean climate suitable for all. It enjoys a hot and humid summer and a cold and rainy winter. Due to its geographical expansion, the climates climatic regionsfferent regions, which activates tourism in it all seasons, whether summer or winter.

Turkey has a distinct geographical topography, as it is spread by steep mountains, abyssal valleys, and vast seas, in addition to rivers and lakes, and these are all among the most critical factors of attraction for investment in Turkey, genuine estate investment, especially for some Arab countries that suffer from drought and excessive heat.


Laws and legislations encouraging real estate investment in Turkey:
The Turkish government is making unremitting efforts to attract Arab and foreign investors to Turkey to carry out projects that benefit both parties and benefit, as it is enacting many laws and legislations to facilitate the ownership of the real estate in Turkey by foreigners, reduce taxes on them, and facilitate their paperwork in government departments—and granting them the right to reside in Turkey when buying a property in Turkey.

Perhaps the most critical law related to real estate investment in Turkey is granting the foreign investor the possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey with a minimum value of $ 250,000, and the amount that was equal to $ 1 million has been reduced, and this is what constituted a golden opportunity for investors. Arabs hold Turkish citizenship and enjoy the features and advantages of the Turkish passport, which allows its holder to enter 77 countries around the world without needing a visa.


The cheapest apartments in Turkey:
One of the most important things that attracted Arabs to real estate investment in Turkey is the low real estate prices in Turkey, especially when compared with neighboring European countries. Despite the significant growth in the real estate market in Turkey, real estate prices are still reasonable.

As you can buy a property in Istanbul, one of the most important and most famous cities in the world, at a reasonable price, with an excellent location, and a beautiful view, this is what cannot be achieved in any other European city.


Excellent services in Turkey:
Turkey has a solid and good infrastructure, and work is constantly being done to maintain, improve, and repair the damage. Citizen service centers are spread all over Turkey, where you can easily extract all the necessary papers without trouble and hardship. Regarding transportation, Turkey has a dense network. Land, sea, and air transportation, and this is what facilitates movement between cities and regions. The means of transportation vary from boats to trams, buses, and taxis.

Also, Turkey is known for its significant markets that meet all needs and suit all tastes and social classes, and there are restaurants, cafes, amusement parks, and parks and gardens.

And this is what attracted Arabs to settle in it and buy real estate within it, as you can get everything you need in it without effort and effort!



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