Advantages of living in Kayaşehir area Istanbul

Get to know the advantages of living in Kayaşehir Istanbul

Advantages of living in Kayaşehir area Istanbul
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Istanbul is considered one of the most critical major cities, not only at the level of Turkey but also the region as a whole, because it has many strategic features that make it unique from other cities, including the strategic geographic location as a link between Asia and Europe and its mediation of the essential Commercial roads in this, in addition to being the largest city in Turkey and its most populous city as well, in addition to the fact that Istanbul is a thriving seat for various types of investment, especially in the field of real estate in Turkey, as it includes many ideal areas for buying a property in Turkey. After all, it has all Requirements that someone might be looking for in real estate.

And when talking about the most critical real estate areas in Turkey and the city of Istanbul in particular, it is necessary to mention the name of Kaya Shahir, which is an ideal combination of all the necessary components for comfortable living of modernity and a strategic geographic location near the capital and its possession of a secure transportation network and the presence of green spaces and public parks and the perfect quietness to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city of Istanbul that never sleeps, so many of those wishing to buy a property in Turkey, whether for real estate investment in Turkey, find in Kayaşehir the right and ideal place for them.


Advantages of living in Kayaşehir Istanbul:


The distinctive geographical location of Kayaşehir district in Istanbul:

Kayaşehir is located in the European part of Istanbul and is classified as one of the most modern areas in the city. It has been newly reconstructed according to the latest urban designs and at the highest level of interest and has been working to serve it, especially concerning the infrastructure, which makes it A very preferred area by investors, especially foreigners, including those who want to buy a property in Turkey. Although the Kayaşehir area is somewhat far from the city center of Istanbul, this does not constitute an obstacle to the great importance of its real estate and does not prevent the rush of investors to it.

Kayaşehir district is administratively classified as belonging to the newest municipality of Basaksehir in Istanbul, which is considered one of the city's most potent municipalities in terms of infrastructure development.


Features of Kayaşehir district in Istanbul:

The strategic importance of the Kayaşehir area in Istanbul as an ideal place to buy real estate in Turkey and one of the most preferred options for foreign investors did not come out of vain but rather as a result of the intensification of efforts of a set of components and features that the region enjoys, such as being located in part. The European city of city, which is known as the upscale section of Istanbul and is administratively affiliated with one of the best municipalities of Istanbul, and the importance of real estate in Turkey is directly related to the proximity or distance of the property to essential projects, service and entertainment centers. Great thanks to the area's proximity to the new government square and being an intermediate point between Ataturk Airport and Istanbul's third or new airport, as well as being close to the third Istanbul Bridge link, it is expected that the area's real estate will witness increasing importance in the future thanks to the presence of many essential projects under construction near it, such as The project of the largest medical city in Europe.

Also, the area is only 3 km from the Szlidera Dam and the picturesque green forests surrounding the dam. The dam gains importance from being a future part of the Istanbul Canal project, which plans are currently being developed to work on. Istanbul Canal confirms that this region has a promising investment future when it is in service. As a result, real estate prices are witnessing remarkable growth and are desirable, especially for rent.

Kayaşehir district in Istanbul is only a five-minute walk from Ataturk Olympic Stadium. In addition, the TEM highway is only eight minutes away from the region.

And many investors are attracted to buy a property in the Kayashehir area thanks to its low real estate prices compared to the neighboring regions despite its being very close to the center of Basaksehir.

And the region is the best option for those wishing to enjoy peace and tranquility away from the congestion of Istanbul because it is quiet and far from the city center. Moreover, you do not need to move outside the area to get your various needs and requirements as it is full of shops, markets, and restaurants, in addition to the availability of educational schools at various stages.

The apartments in Kayaşehir in Istanbul are large and equipped with the best security protection systems and the latest surveillance cameras that work around the clock in various buildings and residential complexes in the region.


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