Useful tips for those wishing to invest in Istanbul real estate

We offer you some important tips that benefit those wishing to buy and invest in Istanbul real estate

Useful tips for those wishing to invest in Istanbul real estate
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Istanbul is one of the most active cities on the real estate level, and most real estate investments are in Istanbul, and how not, which is Turkey's economic capital and commercial and industrial center of gravity, not to mention its valuable cultural heritage, and its distinctive tourist sites that made it the first destination for many Arab and foreign tourists The city's strategic location has made it the focus of attention for many who wish to invest and buy real estate.

The Turkish market is considered one of the most important and leading global markets in the field of investment, and this great importance is due to the great facilities provided by the Turkish state on the investment level, as Turkey treats foreigners as it treats its citizens, and this is the most important characteristic that distinguished Turkey and made it a leader in this field, and because of these facilities The number of foreign investors and foreign companies increased to more than 70,000 companies during studies conducted for the year 2019 on investment in Turkey, this rate is highly likely to increase due to the continuous demand for investment in Turkey.


What is real estate investment?

It is one of the most important forms of investment in Turkey and the most important and widespread, and although this type of investment is a long-term investment and its results are not immediate and need time, but it is the most popular in Turkey, because it is a safe investment and achieves guaranteed profits, whether the investment in real estate under construction Or in ready-made properties, and the profit rates vary according to the factors represented in the location of the property, its view and its proximity to the appropriate infrastructure.


Real estate investment options in Istanbul

Investing in houses and apartments

This type of investment is the most common among Arab investors in Turkey, especially Saudi investors, according to studies. They usually buy houses and apartments to stay in during the holidays, or to sell and rent them when the price increases.

And often they tend to buy apartments under construction in huge residential projects, hoping for the difference in price when selling, which starts from 25% and above. Perhaps the apartments in Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya and Trabzon are the best of their kind, depending on the tourism importance of these cities.


Investing in villas

There is no doubt that villas are one of the most important and successful real estate investments in Turkey, where they can be rented and used or transferred to small companies, health centers, kindergartens, restaurants and cafes...etc. Also, the prices of villas are rising annually, and this in itself motivates investors to buy them.


Investing in buildings

The investment in complete buildings allows the investor to establish a large multi-specialty company, or major educational centers, or various medical centers. Perhaps Arab and international schools are among the best investment ideas for buildings, especially after the number of Arabs in Turkey doubled.


Types of real estate investments in Turkey

Commercial real estate investment

This type of investment is one of the important options offered to investors, and many of them choose it, and the reason for this is that Turkey contains all the ingredients necessary for the success of commercial real estate investment. Among the most prominent of these components is a stable and prosperous economy that guarantees the investor that his investment will remain at the same pace without fluctuation

What makes this choice right is that Turkey has a variety of commercial properties, most notably: offices / shops / which are considered the best option, based on the fact that Turkey is characterized by its tourist nature, so it is visited by a large number of tourists every year which also results in Abundant profits. Also, the huge shopping centers that Turkey is famous for are a convenient option and hotels as well


Investing in residential real estate

One of the most important real estate investments in Turkey is investing in residential real estate. Turkey contains many residential properties: such as independent apartments / apartment complexes / villas / duplexes..etc.

It is also possible to choose the ready-made property, and the property that is still under construction can be selected


Investing in industrial property

Turkey has many cities and industrial regions that attract industrial investors to it, which is a good idea, especially since industrial real estate has received great government interest and support, as it dropped many imposed taxes.


Investing in real estate renovation

This type of investment falls under the name of real estate development. It is to buy old real estate, then work on repairing it, then resell it at a higher price and take advantage of the price difference.

Some considered this method of investment to be a revival of old real estate


Encouraging factors for real estate investment in Istanbul

Real estate investment in Istanbul is very encouraging due to capital protection, because real estate prices always change with the value of the Turkish lira, and if the local currency rates drop, the value of the property rises logically to offset any decrease in the price of your property. In addition, the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank of Turkey are major players in ensuring the stability of real estate and products and the balance against the Turkish lira.
When you are considering investing in real estate, you will consider all the factors, including the lengthy and complex legal procedures that may be involved. But fortunately, Turkey in particular is considered one of the easiest countries in terms of real estate ownership, because the procedures for owning real estate in it are simple and easy, and it does not require the presence of a lawyer; However, you must be proficient in the Turkish language or have the help of a translator to translate all the legal documents required to complete the transaction. Hiring a lawyer is generally not a bad idea, but it isn't always necessary. Buying property in Turkey usually takes three to six weeks.
In the event that you want to buy more than one property in Istanbul with the intention of renting it, you must rely on diversifying your investments, for example, buy an apartment and a shop or make

Behind two apartments in two different locations. The benefit of diversifying real estate investment is to enter more than one field and obtain a broader experience in renting real estate in Turkey, and this method helps you increase your confidence in your real estate investments in Turkey and increase your desire to expand it, and this matter will undoubtedly increase your profits if you want In the future, renting more than one property at the same time, the value of rents in Istanbul changes overnight.


Investing in Istanbul is one of the best investment options among real estate investments in the region. So, real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the best and most successful investments in Turkey, especially for foreign investors. The reason for real estate investment in Istanbul is that Istanbul occupies the largest part of the country's economy. This place is considered one of the ideal places for those looking for guarantees and investment adventures. The options are many and many in Istanbul and the surrounding cities in Istanbul. Whoever thinks of a successful real estate investment in Istanbul or the nearby environment, there are many options, including investment in cities such as Bursa, Yalova and Sakarya. As investment in the surrounding environment in Istanbul is cheaper and better. For example, according to official Turkish studies, the value of real estate in Yalova, an hour and a quarter away from Istanbul, increases annually by 25%.


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