Investment ideas that raise the price of real estate in Turkey

Investment ideas that raise the price of real estate in Turkey

Investment ideas that raise the price of real estate in Turkey
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Last update 05-01-2023
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The first and primary purpose of investing is to reap profits and achieve the highest and best results, and obtaining the best results depends on the right choice and adherence to many of the rules and basics and the advice provided by real estate experts.

Turkey is one of the distinguished real estate investment destinations in the world because it has many ingredients and advantages that lead to its sure success, and for you to be fully aware and have extensive knowledge of everything related to the real estate investment sector in Turkey and everything that leads to its success and distinction, we decided to accompany you in the following article, You can continue.


What are the most important real estate investment ideas whose results are distinctive?

1- Buying an apartment and then renting it:

This is one of the most important investment ideas that real estate investors resort to, whether in Turkey or elsewhere. It is safe and comes with fixed monthly profits. This is one of the winning ideas in Turkey because it receives every year a lot of tourists, students, investors and many other groups who need an apartment they stay there.

This method of investment offers superior profits in the tourist seasons in particular, and apartments in Turkey have a distinguished future and are expected to record an increase in their price.


2- Buying a property and reselling it later:

Many investors tend to choose this method of investment, so they buy a property and wait for a while before reselling it at a higher price and taking advantage of the price difference, but this method of investment requires patience and endurance, and this is one of the best and most feasible opportunities.

* One of the most important things that should be taken into account here is that real estate with small spaces should be purchased, as it is sold easily, as it is the most in-demand among the public looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, while if its spaces are large, it may need a longer time to be sold.


-Follow these tips to increase the prices of your real estate in Turkey:

-The property must be properly marketed so that a specific segment of society is targeted. Is it suitable for students, small families, or large families?

-It is important to take good care of the property, especially with its interior specifications. Its paint must be of vibrant colours to suit all tastes, and the decorations should be taken care of and modern.

- Hence, the bathrooms of the property and all its facilities must be taken care of. This aspect of the property draws the attention of tenants and those looking for real estate for sale, so care must be taken to make them in the most splendid and luxurious image.

-The infrastructure of the property, the more developed it will contribute to raising the price of the property, and the infrastructure is meant for electricity, water and gas extensions, and accordingly, the property should always be subject to periodic maintenance.

-If the property is soundly and thermally insulated, the price will be higher. If this is achieved, it means that its residents will have comfort, as it will be completely isolated from the outside environment, and the benefit of this is that it saves heating costs, as it will be resistant to cold.

-Cleaning services must be available in the building in which the property is located, and the building must have electric elevators and be well-lit.

- If the property is attached to gardens, they should be taken care of very carefully, the more beautiful they are, the higher the price of the property will be.


These criteria contribute to the high price of real estate in Turkey:

-The location is the main element in determining the price of the property, the more distinguished it is, the higher its price will be.

-The view is also an important element in determining the price of the property. When it is distinguished and charming, it will automatically raise the price of the property. In Turkey, you can find properties with distinct views, perhaps freely or on green spaces.

- The proximity of the property and its distance from the service facilities. Are there shopping centers / medical centers / educational institutions/parks and parks/malls and so on?

-The floor occupied by the property is located on the first floors or the last floors, as it is known that the higher the floors, the lower the prices and vice versa.

-The type of property if it is residential, as the prices of residential real estate vary according to its importance and the specifications that characterize it, and in Turkey, residential complexes are the most expensive.

- To ensure that the investment is successful and away from losses, the investor must not put all his money in one investment only but must diversify.

With the conclusion of these lines, we will have known the most important methods of successful real estate investment in Turkey, and we have taken a broad idea of ​​the ways to be followed that contribute to the rise in real estate prices.

By following the stipulated steps, the most important of which we mentioned in the aforementioned lines, real estate investment will be crowned with success and the expected returns. It is one of the safest investments ever, so do not hesitate to take a step towards it.

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