Where are the luxury real estate in Istanbul?

Where are the luxury real estate in Istanbul?

Where are the luxury real estate in Istanbul?
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The dream of acquiring luxurious or ideal real estate that rises to the point of perfection is old and surprisingly, it still exists in the minds of many people to this day. We see real estate buyers looking for countries that include luxury real estate and model areas, because the benefit of this type of real estate is very large, if the goal is to buy it Housing will enjoy a typical life, or if it is for real estate investment, the material returns that will be issued from it will be large, and some wonder if Turkey meets this goal? And which of its cities is the best?

If you are interested in knowing the details, you should read the following article.


Istanbul contains the most luxurious real estate.... which everyone is looking for:

1- Sariyer:

This area can be found in the European part of Istanbul in particular. It is very luxurious, one of its most important features is that it has a wonderful sea view, the character of sophistication overwhelms it at the level of logic as a whole and the level of real estate in particular to the extent that those who live in it belong to one social class and they are the rich Its real estate and cost of living are very high in a way that does not suit many people, and besides all this, it is a distinguished historical area that includes several Ottoman palaces, which makes it a tourist attraction, in addition to that its properties are suitable for being a target for more than one purpose, whether housing or Investment, In either case, the results will be satisfactory... In general, properties located on the European side of Istanbul are known to be more luxurious than those located on the Asian side.


2- Kadikoy:

As for this area, it is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, and it contains distinctive and high-end properties. The area in general has a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea. It is also located close to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden’s Tower, which makes it a magnet for tourists, in addition to its wide green spaces that give it a sparkle. Beautiful nature, in general, is considered the most beautiful area on the Asian side, as for real estate, it follows the modern approach to construction and reconstruction... Many investors today choose it because, in addition to all its advantages, the prices of its properties are relatively cheap... The reason why many people choose real estate in this part of Istanbul because it is less expensive than real estate in the other part.


3- Maslak :

This area can be found in the European section of Istanbul. It has a commercial nature. It is one of the modern areas, which indicates that all its properties will be modern, following the latest engineering designs circulating in the world with a touch of Turkish construction and creativity. We must also mention that it is located near From active vital places such as the new Istanbul Airport and the Bosphorus Bridge, which are only minutes away from them, these places increase real estate prices, but the prices of these properties are somewhat high, which makes some people offer them and this will not be a problem for those who have a good financial budget


4- Beylikduzu:

In this region, the elements of luxury and sophistication meet with the right price. We cannot consider that the prices of its real estate are cheap, but it suits many people. One of the most important features of Beylikdüzü is that its modern real estate character is often residential complexes, which are the favorites of many investors and there are today Many real estate projects are being built in this area, in addition to its wonderful view of the Marmara Sea... Choosing to live in this area is an integrated option that everyone is looking for.


5- Basaksehir:

It is an emerging region in the field of real estate and investments, which is the goal of investors in general because it is distinguished in this aspect in all aspects, especially that the Turkish government pays great attention and supports the infrastructure in it. This is because it contains the largest medical cities in Turkey, based on all its advantages, as it is today the destination of the Arabs The first is undisputed.

In the previous lines, we reviewed the five most important luxury areas in Istanbul, which today are what Arab and foreign investors are looking for because they can achieve their goals.


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