Advantages of housing in hotel apartments in Turkey

Get to know the reasons that attract investors to hotel apartments in Turkey .

Advantages of housing in hotel apartments in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The tourism sector in Turkey is one of the most important pillars of the Turkish economy, because of the services and benefits it provides, it is a continuous engine for various other investment sectors in Turkey and works to secure job opportunities on an ongoing basis in addition to what it does to attract tourists and visitors to Turkey. And continuously every year, which in turn contributes to making Turkey more vulnerable to future investment opportunities.

Given the great role that this sector contributes to, it was imperative that the Turkish government pay special attention to it, and we note this through its work to provide and develop all the requirements of this sector, and one of the most important factors is hotel apartments in Turkey.


Features of hotel apartments in Turkey:

First, why do people choose hotel apartments in Turkey:

Tourism in Turkey is divided into two types, which are individual tourism, that is, a person made a distinguished trip on his own to Turkey without escorts and to family tourism, that is, the whole family moves together on a tourist trip to spend the holiday or vacation, and with this diversity, the options available for accommodation vary, but it is noticed that in The case of individual travel to Turkey, especially if this visit is for a short period, it is preferable for the person to choose to stay in a hotel because it is equipped with all the necessary services and needs during the stay.

As for family visits, and when there are more individuals looking for a place to stay and for a longer period of time, the option of hotel apartments in Turkey is an ideal option because the hotel apartments are equipped with all the daily necessities and necessary needs, as it is an apartment consisting of Two rooms are designated for sleeping and sometimes these apartments may contain up to three bedrooms or more, so they are excellent for the large number of individuals due to the comfort and privacy they provide, and many consider that the best advantage provided by hotel apartments in Turkey is the low cost compared to staying in the hotel in If the number of people is large, as the cost of staying for one night in a room of a hotel with a four-star rating with an area of ​​thirty-six square meters may reach up to sixty US dollars, and sometimes it may be approximately ninety US dollars while this amount or even Less than it would be enough to stay in one of the hotel apartments in Turkey, which enjoys a vital location in the city center and an area of ​​seventy square meters, which many expats and tourists to Turkey find attractive, not even a profitable deal. It helps them spend the most beautiful times during the period of visiting Turkey.


Secondly, advantages of living in hotel apartments in Turkey:

1- satisfactory rental contracts:

Hotel apartments in Turkey have the possibility to obtain flexible rental contracts, meaning you can choose the period in which you will rent the apartment comfortably without the need to commit to a predetermined period such as renting apartments whose owner may bind the tenant at a minimum for the lease period, such as six months in advance or Sometimes even a year, hotel apartments allow you to specify the period, whether one week, a month, two or more, depending on the period of your stay in Turkey and on the basis of the period in which you book the apartment, you pay the amount owed in advance, and you can also make the payment on a weekly or monthly basis, which makes Staying in it is additionally comfortable.


2- Equipment in hotel apartments in Turkey:

Many prefer hotel apartments in Turkey to apartments, even if the period of stay in Turkey is long and exceeds a month or two, because the hotel apartments are equipped with various needs and necessities for housing, as they are fully furnished and equipped with all electrical appliances for the home in addition to the presence of a private kitchen and This kitchen, in turn, provides all the supplies that individuals may need during their stay in the hotel apartments, so individuals do not need to pay any additional costs in order to secure their needs and tools during the visit, however long it is, and therefore it is a saving option not only in terms of the cost of rent, but from In terms of accommodation costs as well.


3- Location of hotel apartments in Turkey:

This feature is added to the hotel apartments in Turkey, as they have a vital location, that is, they are usually close to service and entertainment centers, hotels, and adjacent to the historical and tourist attractions in the city. From and to these apartments easily and their residents can move easily and reach any point in the city without difficulties, in addition to paying attention to the subject of the apartment's view, so we find that many of them have sea views, as in Turkey there are a number of sea coasts that make Turkey a captivating group of hearts From the charming landscapes and views that tourists and visitors flock to every year in order to get a glimpse of its beauty. Therefore, we find that areas with sea views or near the coast are crowded and filled with hotel apartments ready to receive visitors and this is due to the investors and companies Building by using these areas to establish projects that include hotel apartments with the aim of achieving profits and meeting the needs of these coming and renewing tourists year after year.


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