All you need to know about easement titles in Turkey real estate

Important information about easement titles in Turkey real estate

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Last update 25-12-2022
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The real estate market in Turkey contains many mysteries and real estate details that may not be found in other real estate markets around the world, and whoever is about to own real estate in Turkey should be keen to know all the details related to the real estate market in Turkey to ensure The safety of his steps.

One of the most important things that must be taken into account when buying real estate in Turkey is the title deed of real estate, as it is of several types, which must be accurately identified, most notably the easement title.

To be aware of everything related to this matter, you can follow the following article, in which we will accompany you to reveal the dimensions of this topic.


What is the easement title in Turkey real estate?

It is a sign placed on the title deedof land unless any buildings have been built on it yet, or for land on which construction work has begun but has not yet been completed.

One of the most prominent objectives of the floor easement bond in Turkey is that it determines the shares of the owners of each individual separately, and when the housing process is started, Turkish law stipulates that it is necessary to move from the floor easement to the floor ownership.


The differences between the floor ownership and the floor easement:

The floor easement is granted to the property that has not yet been completed, while the floor ownership is for the property that has been completed.

It is important to realize that the municipality has the right to issue a decision to demolish the building that bears the title deed of the floor easement if it violates the stipulated conditions. As for the floor ownership, it is complete protection for the property, as it is not added to the title deed unless the project is in full compliance with all building laws.


How can a floor easement be installed on the title deed of real estate in Turkey?

The person responsible for this matter is the owner of the land, as he applies to the Land Registry Directorate. The application must be accompanied by a project plan designed by an architect and signed by the landowner, and its conformity will be verified by the municipality.

The floor easement title deed contains all the information related to the project, the share of each individual is mentioned in it, as well as the project specifications, area, annexes, and other many details, and an administrative plan should be submitted for the project to be built, and it should be developed by the landowner in agreement with the owner's rations.


The easement title in real estate is temporary, but when does it expire?

- It can be terminated when the owner of the property and all the owners of the shares submit a written statement to the director of the title deed, and immediately the easement is cancelled.

It will also end by itself when the earth is lost in an earthquake or any other disaster.

It will be finished when a long period has passed and the project is not finished, when it is confirmed that it is impossible to complete it will be considered cancelled.

- If five years have passed and the project has not been completed or built in a way that violates the specifications or what is agreed upon, the judge has the right to issue a decision and cancel it, and this will only be if one of the stakeholders submits a complaint, and the judge can give the project a deadline before its termination Easement and this is also at the request of one of the owners of the shares.


The most important notes related to real estate titles in Turkey:

-First of all, we must realize that a property that is jointly owned by more than one person will receive only one Tapu, in which the share of each individual is mentioned in detail.

- The title deed of real estate in Turkey is only granted to the person concerned, and the title deed contains all the information related to the property and it contains the personal information of the owner of the property.

The title deed can be obtained in a short period of a maximum of three days.

Real estate titles are one of the details that warrant attention when buying real estate in Turkey, as it is a way for the owner of the property to be a victim of real estate fraud at times, so it is worthwhile to use someone with experience in this field as a real estate consultant or real estate company that helps with all these legal procedures.

With the conclusion of these lines, we will have known about the title deed of easement in Turkey accurately, in addition to the difference between it and the floor ownership, it is one of the points that must be well aware before entering the real estate market in Turkey.


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