The difference between the property under construction and the ready property

Learn about the difference between the property under construction and the ready property and which is better for real estate investment in Turkey .

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Last update 25-12-2022
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The trend towards real estate in Turkey has reached its peak in the past period, as various statistics and reports indicate that Turkey has become a destination that investors worldwide look to. Therefore, the purchase of real estate in Turkey is steadily increasing. This incredible turnout is due to The features and components that accompany this field that has made it preferred by capital. In turn, real estate investment options in Turkey vary, as there are commercial and residential properties. The choice between them is made according to the purpose of buying a property in Turkey, so if you want to invest in real estate in Turkey, you are more oriented toward commercial real estate. Still, if you want to settle down, you will most likely buy an apartment in Turkey.

In turn, residential real estate in Turkey is divided into types and forms, the most prominent of which are real estate under construction and ready-to-live properties.


Firstly, ready-to-live real estate in Turkey:

Features of the ready-to-live property:

It can be concluded from the name that this type of real estate bears that it is directly ready for housing and can be moved to reside in it directly after you purchase or rent it because the property is ready from all aspects related to the cladding and through your choice of the ready-to-live property you will be able to get a full inspection opportunity Its details and making sure of them yourself and directly, in addition to the ability to choose the view that the property enjoys as it is ready for housing.

Many consider that the most crucial advantage of buying a ready-to-live property in Turkey is obtaining the title deed of the property, or the so-called tapu, immediately after purchasing the property. Many exploit this by applying for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, as foreign investors are available in Turkey has the opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport by buying a property in Turkey. Of course, the subject is accompanied by a set of conditions that include both the fact that the property's value exceeds two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, as well as the failure of the owner to sell real estate for not less than three years from the date of obtaining The title deed of the real estate.

And when you examine the property, you will see the property you purchase without any modifications or changes.


 The disadvantages of ready-to-live real estate in Turkey:

And despite all the features ready-for-housing properties carry from their repertoire, they have qualities that may sometimes constitute obstacles for some and prevent them from choosing this type of real estate in Turkey. By paying the total amount of the property's value directly upon purchasing it, you will not be able to pay it in installments or installments. You may not have the total amount, or you want to buy the property at present, so the ready-to-habitation option will not be suitable for you in addition to the prices of ready-to-live real estate Higher than real estate under construction.

As for real estate with the exact location and specifications, we find that ready real estate is more expensive than real estate within projects under construction, meaning that you will have to pay a more significant amount if the property is ready for housing, and this is because you do not need to wait to obtain the property and the ability to benefit from it. Whether in housing or investment directly after purchasing it.


Third, real estate under construction in Turkey:

Features of real estate under construction in Turkey:

Many people find buying a property under construction an ideal option from various aspects, whether saving or economy, because the prices of real estate under construction are significantly low compared to the prices of ready-to-live real estate, as you can get a property with the exact location and specifications and in the same area at a price. Less if this property is still under construction

In addition to the fact that the value of the tax that is imposed on real estate under construction is less than that which must be paid if the property is ready for housing, and perhaps the most important factor that attracts people towards buying real estate under construction in Turkey is that it provides the opportunity to buy a property in Turkey in installments, that is, it is based By allowing you to own property even if you do not own its total price at present by installing its price in a group of comfortable and long-term payments, unlike buying a ready-to-live property that requires you to pay the total value of the property at one time and through your purchase of a property under construction Then you will get the opportunity to clad the property with your choice and following your taste, add your touch and divide the apartment to stop your requirements.

The properties under construction are distinguished by the fact that when they are ready for housing, they will be located within a completely new building that does not require any repairs or restorations in the future, unlike the ready-to-live property that may be within a neighborhood or an old building that needs modifications and improvements to the general appearance.


The disadvantages of real estate under construction in Turkey:

Real estate under construction indeed enjoys many attractive features that make buying them attractive to many. Still, like other aspects of real estate investment in Turkey, it must bear some negatives, including that the real estate market in Turkey is sometimes unstable,e and prices fluctuate dramatically. Therefore, continuing makes buying a property under construction fraught with the risk of lower real estate prices, or you will have to pay higher amounts than the original price that this building may achieve until it is complete and ready for housing. You get it. In addition, you will not be able to obtain the title deed of the property unless you complete the full payment of the installments for this property. Therefore you will not be the actual owner of the property until after a long period.

Thus, if you need the property shortly, the option to buy a property under construction is not suitable for you, so taking such a property requires patience or looking to invest in the long term, but fortunately, the possibility of an unfavorable fluctuation in real estate prices in Turkey is not It is likely that the various statistics show that the prices of real estate under construction have increased to nearly thirty percent since the start of construction of the real estate until the period in which it will be delivered to the new owner.


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