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Title Deed in Turkey
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The significant trend towards buying a property in Turkey has prompted many to want to know more about the real estate market in Turkey and the details surrounding it. Although it is considered a guaranteed area to achieve investment profits and financial returns, it needs experience as the lack of knowledge or ignorance. With the details of the subject, the owner may expect losses, and therefore, before deciding to enter the real estate sector in Turkey, whether for real estate investment or even stability and housing in Turkey, it is necessary to try to search for information on the subject so that the investor is somewhat familiar with public matters so that he is not Is vulnerable to fraud or fraud, or makes hasty choices due to lack of information.

The real estate market in Turkey includes many terms and concepts that may be confused by some people upon hearing them for the first time, including the concept of the title deed and its types in Turkey, as well as the blue and red Tabu and the difference between them.


Information about tapu in Turkey:

The title deed, or the so-called title deed of real estate in Turkey, is an official document issued by the Turkish Land Registry and Land Department. This document is considered legal proof of your ownership of the property, as your right to the property cannot be recognized unless proven through the Tabu, and this is not limited. The condition is on Turkey only, but all governments regulate matters of owning real estate and guaranteeing rights through the title deed of real estate. The Turkish government grants a title deed to every person who owns a property in Turkish lands, and given the great diversity of real estate in Turkey, it was necessary to find a way. To separate real estate from each other legally, we find that the types of title deeds are many and varied in Turkey, but one has features, properties, and real estate that it represents.


Types of tapu in Turkey:

The title deed or the title deed of real estate in Turkey is divided into various groups to facilitate the distinction of real estate, its type, and the characteristics it carries by looking at its title deed. The types of property title deeds in Turkey can be summarized into each of the following:

* Real estate easement document: This type of real estate title deed in Turkey is the first step through which the work is launched with the necessary legal treatment to obtain a permanent title deed that remains with the new owner, meaning that the property title deed is a paper with no specific date or validity and is given The real estate easement document at the beginning of the sale and purchase of a property in Turkey to be proof or a reference point during the process of progressing and implementing the legal procedures that have not yet ended so that the buyer has what proves his temporary ownership of the property as he has not yet obtained a title deed or an official title deed.


* Full title deed: As for this second type, it is granted to the buyer of the property upon making sure that the sale process is fully completed legally and practically, and by returning to the official records, the property has become officially registered in the name of the new owner, and this document must include information Detailed information about the property such as the property number and the floor in which it is located in the building or complex and details about the inside of the property such as the number of rooms and others so that the description is complete and after making sure that the description is complete with all the details and contents of the property it is mentioned that this property has become officially Registered in the name of the new owner, to be able to present this document, all he needs to prove his ownership of the property.

Blue and red title deeds in Turkey:

Another name, the agricultural title deed, calls the blue Tabu. A blue deed is given to those who buy agricultural land in Turkey or those who buy land in their desire to invest in agriculture and raise animals in it, for example. Still, some restrictions are placed on this investment as if certain types of animals are allowed to be raised on agricultural lands that carry a blue title deed.

The red title deed is the residential title deed, meaning that it is the title deed granted to the owners of residential real estate in Turkey, such as apartments in Turkey, houses in Turkey, and so on. The red or residential title deed is organized into three sections. In the first section, the property address must be mentioned in detail, and information about it, such as its area and type. In contrast, the second section of the title deed is filled with the area the apartment takes from the residential floor in which it is located, i.e., determining whether it occupies the whole floor or only part of it. Finally, in the third section of the red property title deed, the information on the deed is written Himself, i.e., his number in the registry with the state, the date on which it was registered in the registry, the date on which it was issued, and other information related to it.


What is Tapu in Turkey?

The title deed in Turkey is the most critical official document that the owner is the only person who has the right to dispose of the property from investment, sale, and rental. 

The title deed in Turkey is the deed that draws the property rights of the owner and documents the ownership of the property for the person mentioned in the paper; the title deed in Turkey contains all of the property information, the location of the property, and the real estate survey numbers. This document falls under the Real Estate Registry Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Turkish Cities, known in some countries as the real estate registry.

Turkish law does not allow giving the title deed or title deed except to the property owner.

In some cases, the property may be invested in joint ownership and divided by more than one person. Here, only one person typically receives the title deed mentioning the proportion of the joint ownership shares.

If the percentage of ownership (2/1 or 4/1 ... etc.) is not mentioned and the person's name is mentioned in the box in the title deed, the person mentioned is considered the sole owner of the property. As for documenting a certain percentage, this means that the real estate owner has partners.

The information included in the Tapu document in Turkey or the title deed

  • Property Address: The state, region, and street are specified
  • A personal photo of the property owner.
  • The registration number for the land on which the building is built in Turkey
  • Land type is valid or unsuitable for construction in Turkey, as the Turkish municipality adopts certain conditions.

In Turkey, the sale and purchase contracts documented by the Turkish notary are not considered title deeds. Therefore the title deed or the peremptory title deed is granted only by the administration of the title deed and the Turkish lands.

Types of Tapu in Turkey

What are the types of real estate title deeds in Turkey? What are the most important documents attached to the title deed?