The most successful real estate investment in Turkey

The most successful real estate investment in Turkey

The most successful real estate investment in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The real estate market in Turkey includes many and varied options, which contributed to attracting the attention of investors from all over the world and encouraging them to place their capital in investment real estate projects characterized by innovation, modernity, and quality as well.

This has been helped by the many facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors, from reducing taxes to facilitating paperwork and granting them real estate residency, and we do not forget the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment according to certain conditions.

And in case you want to enter the world of real estate investment in Turkey, you must look at the most popular and successful investments in Turkey, which will inevitably bring you many profits.


Buying and renting real estate:
This type of real estate investment comes at the forefront as it is preferred by a large number of investors and it is known that it will bring you fixed monthly profits permanently and therefore it is very popular where you can buy a property in Turkey and then invest this property by renting it to families or Students or tourists in case you do not want to reside in it, as there are a large number of them who are unable to buy real estate or will not stay for long in the country and therefore there is no need for that.

But of course, the degree of profits it achieves will vary depending on several factors, the most important of which is the area in which the property is located and the property's specifications in itself in terms of space, furniture, view, and building quality. And better services.

And Turkish law relies on the annual rent increase, which is determined according to fixed laws between the two parties, and many real estate owners want to rent it because it is considered a guaranteed way of profit that you cannot fail or lose money through.


Investing by purchasing land in Turkey:
A large number of investors have come to buy lands in Turkey because of the abundant profits they make, as they can buy land at a cheap price and then build a real estate project on it such as mega malls, residential complexes, or even a group of regular apartments or villas, thus increasing their investment value. In a large and fast way, or it is possible to invest them in agricultural and industrial terms through crops or factories and factories, and thus we find that the options are open to the investor and his creativity.

But some factors must be taken care of before buying land in Turkey, and perhaps the most important of them is the location of this land, which is better to be close to the city and the main lines of transportation, and it is necessary to examine the soil of the land to find out its suitability for the projects that you want to work on, and no You forget to make sure that the land title is suitable for establishing residential projects, and you can seek the help of real estate companies in Turkey and real estate consultants who will provide you with advice on what suits your project and guarantees its success.


Buying commercial real estate in Turkey:
Some many businessmen and merchants reside in Turkey and take it as a headquarters to manage their business and manufacture their products. Therefore, investing in commercial real estate seems profitable and attractive to them, meaning that you can buy a property and then rent it to owners of different professions and you can also take advantage of it yourself to sell the goods that you specialize in or use it as an office for your company and much more.

And commercial real estate must be located in vital areas of the city far from the outlying areas and have an attractive design to the eye and certainly be close to the various means of transportation.


Buying and reselling apartments for sale in Turkey:
This form of real estate investment is considered one of the most successful investments, as the real estate market movement in Turkey is constantly increasing and real estate prices are constantly increasing. Therefore, some investors prefer to buy an apartment in Turkey and then wait for a period of time until the market recovers to resell it and This process requires a deep study of the market to know the most appropriate time to buy the property and the most appropriate time to sell it.


Buying hotel apartments in Turkey:
And there is a special category that tends to this type of real estate, and they are businessmen and investors with huge capital, as they need a lot of money to set up a hotel, but they generate large amounts of profits in a short time.

Attention should be paid to the hotel's location close to the vital and touristic places in the city and to provide various services to customers and ensure a comfortable stay for them with the importance of the presence of friendly staff and a distinctive design of the hotel to attract tourists.

There is no doubt that the real estate market in Turkey includes many other options that can be exploited and worked in to earn money, so do not hesitate to enter the Turkish real estate sector.



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