What are the advantages of luxury real estate in Istanbul

Learn about the advantages of buying a luxury property in Istanbul and the neighborhoods that contain luxury real estate.

What are the advantages of luxury real estate in Istanbul
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Last update 28-10-2023
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Whoever is looking for a property with luxurious and distinctive specifications in Turkey immediately chooses the city of Istanbul, as it is the ideal destination that contains all the ingredients that make the purchase of a property in it ideal .... So what are these advantages that made it a kiss where opinions do not differ? And where exactly can it be found? Is it on the European side or the Asian side? .... Is Istanbul real estate suitable for investment or stability? .... All these details can be discovered through the following lines.

Learn about the advantages of buying a luxury property in Istanbul:

1- At the outset, we must realize that Istanbul is one of the largest Turkish cities in terms of area, and it has ranked second in Turkey in terms of its population... These things come together with several other details.

2- Buying luxury Istanbul real estate for real estate investment means that the material returns that will result from it will be satisfactory and high... In particular, if it is chosen according to correct principles and well-thought-out rules as if it belongs to tourist properties, i.e., hotels, malls, and perhaps hotel apartments.

3- If you choose to buy a luxury property in Istanbul for housing, this is one of the right decisions, as there is a lot of luxury and comfort... This type of real estate will bear some responsibilities for its owners.

4- It is characterized by a splendid and distinctive view, as it is accessible or overlooks vast green areas / and it is also equipped with the best distinctive decorations.

5- They are designed according to the latest international engineering designs, following everyone's tastes. International quality standards are adopted in construction. They are often earthquake-resistant, which reduces the possibility of incurring losses.

6- Surrounded by many means of security and protection, such as surveillance cameras distributed everywhere / alarms/security guards... This matter is most found in residential complexes .... These means are enough to make the possibility of being exposed to theft minor.

7- It provides privacy for its residents, thanks to the vast areas that are characterized by it.

8- It is attached to a variety of recreational services / and it is located near shopping centers and medical centers... In short, it is integrated.

These are the essential luxury areas where you can find luxury properties for sale in Istanbul:

1- Besiktas:

This area can be found in the European section of Istanbul... It consists of several neighborhoods... It is characterized by sophistication and luxury mixed with historical character, which constitutes a distinctive and unique place of its kind... It is located near the Bosphorus Strait, which Emphasizes the splendid view that its properties will enjoy.

2- Sariyer:

Also this area is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it is also overlooking the Bosphorus... Sariyer ranked third in terms of luxury and sophistication... Its real estate prices are high, making it a haven for the wealthy and money owners... It is characterized by being vast and spacious.

3- Bakirkoy:

With its unique view of the Marmara Sea, it is one of the distinguished neighborhoods of Istanbul that many people visit... It is equipped with a wide and varied service package... It is one of the neighborhoods that suit the real estate investment project, as based on all its advantages and ingredients, its returns will be high... And many people prefer to live in it... In both cases, the results will be unique.

4- Basaksehir:

One of the distinctive areas of Başakşehir, which has a highly developed infrastructure, is the favorite of the vast majority of those looking for real estate for sale, especially Arabs... Residential complexes beat it... Its service facilities are numerous... Characterized by calm, luxury, and sophistication... It is characterized by its location near the new Istanbul Airport, which made it the choice of tourists.

We can conclude that buying luxury real estate in Istanbul will bring its owner many advantages and advantages... It is essential to point out that the European side is more luxurious than the other side, which is why many luxury real estate seekers go to it.

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