Type of investment in Turkey

Type of investment in Turkey

Type of investment in Turkey
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Everyone who owns capital thinks about how he will invest it to make it grow and multiply, and some prefer to take a place other than their home country to invest it to create new opportunities for success and distinction, and of course, the available options are many and the investor will have to choose among them, there are Wondering which places are better for investment Europe / Arab countries / Turkey, then Turkey is an option, but what investments can be made in Turkey? Do you allow the establishment of a large number of projects?

Below we will list the most important investments that can be made in Turkey.


1- Real estate investment:

This type of investment is in great demand today because it was able to prove itself and the extent of success it can reach, and Turkey has all the elements of real estate investment, in general, this type of investment is characterized by safety not only in Turkey but in various countries of the world, as some called it ( safe wallet), and in Turkey, it is accompanied by a large number of features such as its ability to grant Turkish citizenship or real estate residence, and Turkey, with its tourist nature, can achieve this investment with distinguished financial returns in its active seasons.


2- Investment in the health sector:

Since Turkey today is distinguished by its distinguished health sector, it encouraged many to enter this field. Hospitals and medical and health centers can be established, and they will be supervised by the best doctors in Turkey. It is also possible to invest in pharmaceutical factories or in medical equipment factories that hospitals need... Today, many people around the world go to Turkey for a medical trip or tourism.

Rare specialties can be chosen and worked on, such as cosmetic specialties or specialties in treating rare diseases.


3- Investment in the industrial sector:

Industrial investment in Turkey is considered a special opportunity because it is supported by the Turkish government. It has announced tax exemptions that include them. In addition, Turkey has cities and places dedicated to industry, along with the equipment, technologies, and machines that it provides to these investors. Moreover, it is an absolutely safe investment with its profits. Guaranteed, sometimes it is high and sometimes it is acceptable, but often the investor will be satisfied with the results that he will obtain.


4- Investment in the commercial sector:

Its vitality has given investment in the commercial sector a distinctive character, as the possibility of import and export and the opening of many different trade projects such as foodstuffs/clothing/furniture / electrical appliances / and many other community needs... Whatever type of business is invested in, it will be successful. Because the basics cannot be dispensed with, and what helps to be successful is the population density that Turkey is witnessing today, as its population has exceeded the eighty million barriers in stages.


5- Investment in the tourism sector:

With its touristic nature, which is known today, tourism investments in it will have many advantages, and its profits will be huge during the tourism seasons in general, as every year it receives millions of tourists who come to enjoy its archaeological and historical sites, but the investor must choose the right place that brings the expected fruits. Like being close to tourist places in crowded areas such as markets and events, among the most important tourist investments, today in Turkey are restaurants/cafes/malls.


6- Investment in the educational sector:

Turkey is also considered good educationally and is intended for many students around the world, especially Arabs, and it is distinguished in offering its curricula for all levels and categories, especially in academic curricula... It is possible to establish private schools or universities, as it will be a successful and distinguished investment, especially if it is made Dealing with it based on correct and firm rules.

The task of the previous article was to point out the six most important types of investment that one can choose in Turkey, we have presented the most important features of its presence in Turkey and what are the expected results that it is expected to have... Can these investments be established in other countries? Will the Turkish side be more likely, or the balance of other countries?


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