Conditions for the success of real estate investment in Turkey

Conditions for the success of real estate investment in Turkey

Conditions for the success of real estate investment in Turkey
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Last update 20-12-2022
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Any business or project, no matter how modest, will not record any success or distinction unless it is built on correct foundations and according to the laws and rules stipulated in the constitution of the country in which the investment will be made , What about the Turkish state? Is real estate investment on its land a good opportunity? ? Will it be successful? What are the conditions for its success and distinction?

These are some questions you need to know their answers …. We will present them to you through the following lines …. You can continue.


To ensure the success of real estate investment in Turkey, you must be familiar with all the details related to it which are represented in the following points:

1- Every year that goes by, the population density in Turkey increases significantly, and this density contributes greatly to making real estate investment in Turkey closer to success... Therefore, investors should resort to making their investments in the crowded and noisy cities targeted by tourists such as Istanbul or the capital Ankara.

2- If the investor wants to reach the pinnacle of success in his investment, then the opportunity will come when the economic movement is at the peak of its success and recovery.

3- The investor should be hunting for opportunities when they are available to him. For example, many real estate investors last year took advantage of the presence of the global epidemic in Turkey and bought real estate at a low or low price and they will wait until the situation returns to its usual nature and then resell it and perhaps rent it and benefit from its profits.

Also, the same is the case when an earthquake strikes an area... The investor buys the damaged properties, restores them, and then resells them and benefits from the price difference.

4- Among the many real estate diversities that exist in Turkey, the best are residential and tourist ones. Natural and archaeological tourism / It should be close to huge shopping centers such asmallsand well-known streets that have a preference for tourists / It should also be located within the crowded and active areas.

5- The material ability must be specified:

It is also important to realize that the material element is the basis of the rest of the other details so that the search is not random... The higher the property specifications, the higher the price will be... The area within the city should be specified / the view that is preferred The property should have / the interior specifications, i.e. the decorations and technologies in which there are / the type of property, is it preferable to be within the residential complexes in Turkey or abroad / do you like it to be in a quiet or noisy area .... and many of those questions that knowing the answer to will lead Because the investment is characterized by success.

6- The negatives that could face this investment must be realized before the positives that will be obtained:

Those components that Turkey possesses do not mean at all that the real estate investment will be the inevitable result of complete success, as it must face some obstacles and negative matters... In many cases, the investor may not find a tenant of the property or willing to buy it, which compensates for the damage to it.

If he has bought a property and it is still under construction, he is expected to encounter many matters that were not agreed upon in advance.

It is possible that a catastrophe will occur in the country and therefore the property will suddenly lose its material value, but this will not be the final case, as the investor has to wait for some time until the situation improves, and thus the property regains its initial value .... So the investor must be patient And the long sale and the ability to withstand any order that may arise.

Six points that we listed in the previous article would make the next investor aware of the most important conditions that must be met by the investor so that he can reach the success of the real estate investment he is looking for.

We can finally conclude that real estate investment, whether in Turkey or other countries, is not an easy matter.




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