Investment in Ankara

investment in Ankara

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Last update 24-12-2022
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Turkey today is a significant investment destination for a large number of Arab and foreign investors, and this is due to many reasons that have contributed to making Turkey one of the most critical countries in the current era in all areas of life, whether it is trade, industry, tourism, or even the real estate sector in Turkey.

And one of the most important Turkish cities that have become famous and gained great fame is city of Ankara, the country's capital. Below we will mention the most crucial information for everyone considering investing in the charming city of Ankara.


The most important factors that encourage investment in the Turkish city of Ankara:
Indeed, Turkey has many components that make it one of the most important investment destinations, which are:

- The pleasant climate in Ankara: What distinguishes Ankara from other Turkish cities is its different beautiful climate, as it enjoys a cold, snowy winter and hot summer, unlike the coastal areas that tend to be moderate in all seasons, so you do not feel the significant difference between summer and winter.
- Terrain and green spaces: Ankara is known for its extended green areas and vast lands, so it looks like a green spot on the map. Therefore, we find that agriculture in the city of Ankara is thriving to a large extent and constitutes the main activity of many residents, in addition to the role of these green spaces and plains in breeding Cattle that spread across Ankara.
- Diverse real estate market: One of the most beautiful things in Ankara is the presence of different types of real estate that suit all tastes and social classes, and the Turkish government has worked to attract investors to this sector by significantly reducing taxes and allowing the foreign investor to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. Real estate with a minimum value of $ 250,000, but certainly, there are some conditions and laws related to foreign ownership of the real estate in Turkey, such as the area of ​​real estate should not exceed 30 hectares, and the investor must obtain security approval before purchasing the property, but this does not negate the fact that Ankara It is one of the most important destinations for real estate investment in Turkey.
- The dense transportation network in Ankara: The city has a strong network of land, sea, and air transportation, and all means of transportation are spread in it, from buses to the metro, tram, and taxi, and this is, of course, due to the great interest in Ankara as it is the capital of Turkey and the front of the country, so all services are being provided. Necessary and with high efficiency.
- Ancient hospitals in Ankara: As it is known, the city of Ankara is not entirely a tourist city because it is an inner city, but medical tourism is highly active in it, as the most important hospitals and medical centers in Turkey and around the world are located in it, and it is equipped with the best doctors and The cadres and the latest tools and devices and constantly working to meet and treat all patients and provide medical services with high quality and efficiency at prices that suit everyone.

The most important tourist places in Ankara:
Even though the city is known in other sectors, tourism has a significant and prominent role in Ankara and is one of the most important tourist places that should not be missed:

- Wonderland Park: These gardens gain great and wide fame in Ankara and Turkey in general, and these gardens include many surprises in them, as there are fields for football, basketball, and tennis, in addition to entertainment theaters, statues, and sculptures of famous cartoon characters, and Thus it is an ideal location to spend time with your family.
- Ankara Castle: This castle is considered one of the most important historical areas in the city and dates back thousands of years, as the date of its establishment has not been clearly defined, and upon visiting, you will stand amazed in front of the creativity and grandeur in design and was considered the first line of defense for the city against the enemies.
- The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations: This museum comes at the forefront of the tourist attractions in Ankara and displays the most important types of art and sculptures that belong to Anatolia through different ages and eras.
- Lake Mavi Gul in Ankara: Or, as it is called, the Blue Lake, it is considered one of the most beautiful natural and tourist areas in the city, as you can visit it to hold a barbecue party with the family and enjoy the picturesque views, and it is no more than 20 minutes from the city center.

From the above, we note that the city of Ankara in Turkey has many advantages that make investing in it successful and profitable.




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