Places to visit in Istanbul

Therefore, we decided to collect the most important landmarks and tourist places in Istanbul

Places to visit in Istanbul
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Last update 27-10-2023
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Places to visit in Istanbul, Istanbul is one of the most important tourist cities around the world, a destination considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as it combines the civilization of the East and the charm of the West, this merger that formed and made Istanbul a city that some prefer to visit more than once during the year.

There are many seasons in Istanbul and the tourist seasons accompany a large number of national and religious celebrations, and this is what the tourist wants to know and live an enjoyable atmosphere happily and safely, and this is what Istanbul provides to all tourists, large numbers visited Istanbul for the first time and decided to visit again until their visit became an annual, This is due to the density of tourist, cultural and artistic places that Istanbul provides.

Therefore, we decided to collect the most important landmarks and tourist places in Istanbul, which will make it easier for you to search and identify places before traveling and make a complete plan for the places you should visit on your own or with your family.

Places to visit in Istanbul

Galata Bridge, Places to visit in Istanbul

Galata Bridge

The Galata Bridge is one of the many bridges that cross the Golden Horn Bay in Istanbul, connecting the "old" and "new" parts of the European city of Istanbul.

It connects the Eminonu and Sirkeci districts of the old city of Istanbul (centered in the Sultanahmet district) with the Karakoy and Beyoglu districts of modern Istanbul.

Due to its strategic location in terms of culture and geography, it is one of the bridges and a popular tourist site in Turkey; you can also show more about Galata apartments for sale.

Sultan Ahmed Square, Places to visit in Istanbul

Sultan Ahmed Square

The Hippodrome is a former horse racing track in the era of the Roman Empire. It is now a park or open area known as Sultanahmet Square, Sultanahmet Meydani, or Meydan Meydani.

This park is located in Istanbul Fatih district, in the same area as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia; the old hippodrome building is now finished, leaving only two obelisks and one column.

Istanbul modern musuem, Places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Istanbul Modern is the first museum of modern art to be established in Turkey, and that was in 2004 AD. It is an important tourist destination, especially for art enthusiasts.

The museum includes significant works of art by the best and most famous Turkish and European artists and contains a collection of fixed works that are constantly displayed and others that are changing and changed from time to time; To show diversity and renewal.

The museum's contents are not limited to artworks, as it includes a library containing the most important references to modern and contemporary art, a gift shop, a restaurant, and a café.

And if you want to know where to go in Istanbul for entertainment and tourism at the lowest prices, then the Istanbul Museum will be suitable for you; The entry ticket does not exceed 25 Turkish Lira.


Vialand Istanbul Amusement Park (Istanbul)

It is one of the modern amusement parks built in 2013 AD in the Eyüpsultan area located within the European part of the city.

It was built on an area of ​​600,000 square meters, considering international safety standards, and by a group of international experts.

It contains more than 50 games suitable for adults and children, including electric cars, water games... and many more, in addition to providing the safest and most suitable games for young people, such as games for firefighters, young explorers, and horse riding.

The city also has an arena dedicated to theatrical entertainment shows during the summer. This square also includes many games, such as King Kong, and some cafes and restaurants that serve the most delicious drink,s and Turkish and international food.

The inclusive state of Wieland, through its entertainment, educational, educational, and commercial programs, can reduce your confusion in choosing where to go in Istanbul.

For example, Wieland includes a "light dream" game, through which one can learn about the city's heritage history, and a huge shopping center with many shops.

Belgrade Forest

Belgrade Forest

It is one of the most famous recreational areas in the city, and it is considered one of the most famous and well-known areas for walking and cycling.

The forests contain lakes and dense green trees, and they overlook the Bosphorus Strait to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul and one of the most beautiful Turkish parks in Istanbul.

Gulhane Park was an integral part of Topkapi Palace's outer garden and is one of the most beautiful family-friendly attractions.

Gulhane Park is one of the most famous romantic gardens in Istanbul. It is known as that rich garden and is considered the largest of the famous gardens.

Gulhane Garden means the House of Flowers, and it used to belong to Topkapi Palace.

The garden contains large gates to the south.