Galata apartments for sale

where it has guaranteed profit by renting apartments or galata apartments for sale area, there are a large number of completely new projects that suitable for all families

Galata apartments for sale
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Last update 02-11-2023
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Galata apartments for sale, A large number of investors ask us what is the most suitable apartment to get a profitable investment quickly. The long experience that our consultants have in real estate investment and also in buying real estate in Turkey will provide you with an appropriate answer to all your inquiries related to obtaining the most appropriate investment.

There are many offers and wide areas to start the investment process in Turkey, especially in Istanbul city. Galata or Taksim area is one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul, providing a large number of suitable options that achieve a quick and guaranteed profit.

A number of Turkish construction companies formed a consensus on the refresh and construction of this ancient region with the provision of great facilities by the Turkish government.

The large tourist movement in Istanbul, especially Galata region, contributed to the formation of a future outlook on the possibility of real estate investment in the region,

Where it has guaranteed profit by renting apartments or Galata Apartments for sale in area heart of the city, Real estate, and properties for sale in Beyoglu.

there are a large number of completely new projects that provide suitable facilities for all families who aspire to settle in that area, especially the subway stations, and make this a great advantage compared to other projects.

Galata Apartments for sale

Why buy Galata apartments for sale?

Where would you invest your money in Istanbul?

It's the first tourist destination in Istanbul and basically the meeting place for new arrivals, so it's an appropriate investment opportunity to buy a property in this area, and start making a guaranteed profit through real estate and rental of property.

Families rely heavily on the existence of these properties to rent them, settle in them during the holidays, and seek comfort by providing the facilities they need and helping them to spend their holidays in the city.

How to get to Galata Tower?

Galata Tower area in Istanbul can be reached within walking distance from Taksim Square, or by tramway in Taksim and also by tramway from Eminonu side, where you can enjoy the scenery of Galata Tower by walking.

What are the property prices in Galata Istanbul?

Real estate prices vary according to the region in Istanbul, and they are estimated according to land prices, and also determining the project if it is under construction or ready for delivery.

These factors determine real estate prices and we advise you to contact our real estate consultants so that you have a complete idea of the prices, prices start recently from about 300,000 US dollars, and this number is enough to grant you Turkish citizenship with your family!

What can Deal real estate offer you?

In our company, we are always keen to choose the best property for our customers and seek to satisfy all tastes through a variety of real estate projects in Turkey

Where we have various forms of apartments and real estate units such as:

Duplex apartments, villas, offices, shops, student housing complexes, and family-friendly projects in Istanbul, so you should know how many square meters you will need.

We are distinguished by the fact that our projects have the best views of the city, as we provide all customers with various options of views such as projects with a charming sea view,

and others view forests and lush gardens, in addition to many projects in the center of Istanbul and the most vital areas

Deal real estate harnesses all its capabilities and great experience in the field of real estate to provide all its clients with the best services and help investors,

As well as those who want to buy apartments in Istanbul, to get the best options. Among the most important services we offer you:

  • Real estate rental and finding the right tenant.
  • Preparing all documents necessary for renting real estate and collecting monthly returns and depositing them in the client's account.
  • Taking care of the property, following it up regularly, and making the necessary repairs so that it appears in its best appearance.
  • Maintaining regular contact with customers to inform them of all updates and developments on their properties.

Our company also provides legal advice services through a group of lawyers specializing in real estate affairs and Turkish citizenship. Our team is ready to answer all inquiries and questions that come to your mind and clarify all legal procedures and laws related to investment andbuying houses in Turkey.

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