Istanbul's European secrets ... its neighborhoods, features and other details

Istanbul's European secrets ... its neighborhoods, features and other details

Istanbul's European secrets ... its neighborhoods, features and other details
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Istanbul is considered one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Turkey and the world as well, and it has gained a good reputation for being one of the most important tourist cities, in addition to being an important economic center as it is considered the economic capital of Turkey and has witnessed a great development over the years, but this development has not been able To abolish its authenticity and civilization, and thus it was able to embrace modernity and preserve the tradition to form a rich and different mixture that is not found anywhere else.

Istanbul has a European section and an Asian section, where they are separated by the Bosphorus, one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, and each of these two has its secrets and features, and in the following, we will talk in more detail about European Istanbul and its distinctive neighborhoods and the benefits of housing and stability.


What are the advantages that European Istanbul has over its Asian counterpart?
- The abundance of tourist and entertainment areas: European Istanbul embraces the most important historical sites that attract tourists greatly and constitute distinctive landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque and Topkapi Palace, and it is also full of malls and shopping centers that are more than Asian Istanbul and provide the best products to the consumer.
- Abundant job opportunities: Due to this large crowd of tourists, various types of jobs were available in Istanbul, Europe, and this contributed to increasing job opportunities for all ages.
- High population density: According to statistics made in 2017, the population of all of Istanbul was about 15 million, of which 10 million were in European Istanbul and the rest in Asian Istanbul, and this congestion is certainly due to a large number of job opportunities.
- New projects and government interest: Due to the large population density in European Istanbul and being an important tourist center, the Turkish government intended to serve the areas well and improve quality and efficiency in addition to establishing many investment projects, the most important of which were Istanbul's new airport and the Istanbul Canal, which made it An investment kiss to establish modern real estate projects such as residential complexes, smart apartments, and many more.

The most important neighborhoods in European Istanbul to find apartments for sale:
- Basaksehir: It is considered one of the most important and famous neighborhoods, as it was able to attract large numbers of people to live and settle in it, thanks to the many real estate projects that have been worked on by investors.
Basaksehir is located between Arnavutkoy from the north, Bagcilar from the south, Sultan Ghazi from the east, and Esenyurt from the southwest.

Basak has many elements that make it ideal for purchasing real estate as it is equipped with a strong infrastructure in addition to a dense transportation network and a lot of entertainment and service centers, and perhaps the most important characteristic of Basaksehir is the existing gardens and green spaces that constitute a suitable place to spend Outings with the family.

And the forms of real estate in it vary as well as its prices to suit different groups and tastes.


- Basin Express: Basin Express is located at the most vital points of the city as it is a crossroads between Ataturk Airport and Istanbul's new airport, and this contributed to being one of the most important areas for real estate investment in Istanbul.
Many modern residential complexes and hotels have been established along the area to meet the residents' needs, and work is still ongoing on many new projects and special offers.


- Beylikduzu: It is located in the western part of European Istanbul, bordered on the east by Avcilar, on the west by Buyukcekmece, on the north by Esenyurt, and on the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara.
The region is receiving increasing interest and witnessing a great demand for buying real estate, due to the distinctive service facilities in it, as universities and schools are spread in it, in addition to hospitals and health centers, and there are a large number of restaurants, malls, cafes and parks in the area.

As for real estate, you can find the best apartments for sale in Istanbul, and you can also find villas, studio apartments, and other types of apartments.

The region has a dense and varied transportation network, such as Metrobus, trams, and public buses.


- Bahçeşehir: Or as it is called, the city of gardens, and the region has great fame thanks to the wide green spaces that extend in it, and Bahçeşehir is located in the heart of Istanbul in the northwestern part of the distinctive Kucukcekmece lake.
It is characterized by the presence of a strong infrastructure and multiple service centers, as it contains a water treatment facility used to irrigate the lands and the green spaces that surround it.

Many modern residential complexes have been established in Bahcesehir, which are equipped with the best protection and safety measures, and which provide the best services.

Bahcesehir contains the largest artificial lake in Turkey, around which there are restaurants, hotels, cafes, clubs, and other distinctive entertainment centers.


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