Charming places for winter tourism in Turkey 2022

Here is a list of charming places for winter tourism in Turkey 2022

Charming places for winter tourism in Turkey 2022
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Turkey enjoys its cities with large areas full of historical monuments, green meadows, and charming nature covering many parts of Turkey, especially the Asian section; this, of course, is crucial to make it a destination for many tourists. In one year, Turkey ranked sixth in the world in the list of the most crucial tourist countries .vastunusual, winter attracts a vast number of tourists annually, as Turkey has all the ingredients that suit the necessary tourist specifications, from a distinctive strategic geographical location divided into the Asian and European sides, a varied and moderate Mediterranean climate, unusual nature and landmarks and a great historical heritage.

Some may think that tourism in Turkey may be limited to the summer season only, but certainly not; winter tourism in Turkey is no less critical than tourism in the summer, as many areas in Turkey have advantages, services, and equipment that enable them to be a tourist destination in all seasons.


Various tourist options

Winter tourism in Turkey is not limited to staying in hotels or too-short visits to some historical monuments or natural areas. Turkey has various options for winter tourism, and the choice decision is left to the tourist. Those who like to enjoy some winter sports, such as skiing, for example, are a unique experience available with the best possibilities in the cities of Turkey, and those who wish to travel for therapeutic purposes, such as recreation and take a rest in the sulfur water pools, is a great option as well. As for those who prefer to stay in hotels with a beautiful coastal view, they are also available; the options in Turkey are diverse and suit all tastes.


Turkey's distinctive places for tourism

There are many charming areas in Turkey, which are one of the most important reasons for revitalizing the tourism sector in Turkey in winter, among which we mention the most critical areas:



It is one of Turkey's incredible cities and one of the most beautiful winter tourism areas in Turkey for those looking for skiing opportunities; there is the Saklikent resort in Antalya, which is characterized by the lack of tourist crowds and low prices. There is also the Koprulu Canyon, which is the best choice for practicing many distinctive water sports. Not to mention the region's richness of historical monuments such as the old city of Antalya, its distinctive infrastructure,  and its distinctive geographical location, as it is located in the heart of the southern coast, which gives the presence of the beach its great importance for those who love coastal places in the winter, away from the high humidity and heat of the atmosphere.

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Or, as many call it, the “Pearl of the Eastern Mediterranean,” and this title is due to the distinction of this city with its high hills that are covered in white in winter and the scene that forms in Mersin in the winter is a sufficient reason to attract tourists without hesitation. Many tourists and visitors flee from the hustle and bustle of Mersin. Big cities and those who want peace and relaxation.

The city of Mersin is one of the most important places that attract winter tourists for its trees covered with pure white snow, the beauty of its charming nature, and its clean, clean air.

In light of this, the region’s municipality in Mersin seeks to increase the promotion of Mersin’s hills by organizing festivals and events targeting ski lovers and athletes on the “Arslankoy" ersin'sregion'scritical" plateau, which is 1,500 meters high. Furthermore, these endeavors aim to include the city of Mersin among the important winter tourism centers in the region.

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Bodrum is located on a seafront overlooking the Aegean Sea. The area is characterized by a warm climate and is distinguished by the beauty of its picturesque nature. The Bodrum region has tourist advantages in terms of the extension of its beaches, the green nature along its coast, and its high-luxury serviced resorts. Bodrum is one of the most important tourist destinations in the winter season and is suitable for lovers of tranquillity and relaxation in its high-end resorts. In addition, Bodrum is famous for its famous international baths, markets, and annual shows that attract tourists and shopping lovers worldwide.

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Marmaris belongs to the Turkish state of Mugla, is located on a sea head north of Fethiye, and enjoys a moderate and warm climate in most seasons. It is also known for its important tourist location and beach that attracts tourists from all sides, so Marmaris has become one of the most active internal and external tourist points. Moreover, it is one of the most important tourist areas visited by Arabs and foreigners.

One of the essential winter tourist areas in MarmarisThe Dalyan region is one. Dalyan is one of the most important regions that is a popular destination for tourists and residents of Turkey to spend summer vacations due to the beauty of the sea and the splendor of nature. Dalyan is located in many natural areas, such as Iztuzu Beach. In the Dalyan region, you can visit Lisa Kavous, where the tourist can cover his entire body with silt, leave it to dry, and then obliterate the silt by swimming in a thermal pool.

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